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Fri 20:23 What is the bulge on the back of my Smeg refrigerator? – diy

Fri 20:23 The trajectory of the particle with E=(0,0,E) and B=(B,0,0) – mathematica

Fri 20:23 Pass Julia arguments to be executed in REPL? –

Fri 20:23 Debian/Ubuntu - Is there a man page listing all the version codenames/numbers? – unix

Fri 20:23 What is this fallacy: Perfection is impossible, therefore imperfection should be overlooked – philosophy

Fri 20:23 Received a 'behavior reminder' from manager. Not sure if it was just me or something she sent to the whole team – workplace

Fri 15:23 What type of insulation is this and should it be replaced? – diy

Fri 15:23 How do I tell if this single climbing rope is still safe for use? – outdoors

Fri 15:23 Bulge on the back of my fridge (SMEG FAB28RO) – diy

Fri 15:23 Can a PC side software detect that a com-port receive a single stop-bit instead of double stop-bit? – electronics

Fri 15:23 CGAC2022 Day 9: Playing with bits – codegolf

Fri 08:23 Why did the Council of Elrond debate hiding or sending the Ring away, if Sauron wins eventually in that scenario? – scifi

Fri 08:23 How did muzzle-loaded rifled artillery solve the problems of the hand-held rifle? – history

Fri 08:23 Is there any reason on passenger airliners not to have a physical lock between throttles? – aviation

Fri 08:23 Are defenders behind an arrow slit attackable? – rpg

Fri 08:23 Would salt mines, lakes or flats be reasonably found in high, snowy elevations? – worldbuilding

Fri 08:23 Should I give a brutally honest feedback on course evaluations? – academia

Thu 20:23 Using a recipe in a YouTube – law

Thu 20:23 Is NYC taxi cab number 86Z5 reserved for filming? – movies

Thu 20:23 Cat clone in C++ – codereview

Thu 20:23 How do I tell if this single climbing rope still safe for use? – outdoors

Thu 20:23 Did they forget to add the physical layout to the USB keyboard standard? – retrocomputing

Thu 15:23 What is this symbol in LaTeX? And where do I get it? – tex

Thu 15:23 How long do I need to wait before I can activate Steam keys again? – gaming

Thu 15:23 What prevents a business from disqualifying arbitrators in perpetuity? – law

Thu 15:23 Do player choices use the stack? – boardgames

Thu 15:23 Is "automotive" grade always better? – electronics

Thu 15:23 Is NYC taxi cab 86Z5 reserved for filming? – movies

Thu 15:23 A small bolt/nut came off my mtn bike while washing it, can someone help me identify it? – bicycles

Thu 15:23 What are these row of bumps along my drywall near the ceiling? – diy

Thu 15:23 Would ATV Cavalry be as effective as horse cavalry? – worldbuilding

Thu 08:23 "Friends, Romans, Countrymen...": A Translation Problem from Shakespeare's "Julius Caesar" – latin

Thu 08:23 Mystery wall plate by front door – diy

Thu 08:23 Can one use bestehen in this translation? – german

Thu 08:23 Specific word that describes the "average cost of something" – english

Wed 20:23 Under what conditions would a cybercommunist nation form? – worldbuilding

Wed 20:23 When booking a flight when the clock is set back by one hour due to the daylight saving time, how can I know when the plane is scheduled to depart? – travel

Wed 15:23 What could be an efficient SublistQ command? – mathematica

Wed 15:23 Is there an alternative of WSL for Ubuntu? –

Wed 08:23 What is the best way to learn cooking for a student? – cooking

Wed 08:23 What do bi/tri color LEDs look like when switched at high speed? – electronics

Wed 08:23 Why didn't Doc Brown send Marty to the future before to send him back to 1885? – scifi

Wed 08:23 Is it viable to have a school for warriors or assassins that pits students against each other in lethal combat? – worldbuilding

Wed 08:23 How can we enforce the ChatGPT ban? – meta

Wed 08:23 Were CD-ROM-based games able to "hide" audio tracks inside the "data track"? – retrocomputing

Wed 08:23 Disassembling IKEA furniture—how can I deal with broken dowels? – diy

Wed 08:23 How could an animal have a truly unidirectional respiratory system? – worldbuilding

Wed 08:23 Did they forget to add the layout to the USB keyboard standard? – retrocomputing

Wed 08:23 Does an Antimagic Field suppress the ability score increases granted by the Manual or Tome magic items? – rpg

Tue 20:23 Write a number as a sum of Fibonacci numbers – codegolf

Tue 20:23 Do I want to overfit, when doing outlier detection based on regression? – stats

Tue 20:23 When and by whom were the Piyutim of Channukah written? – judaism

Tue 20:23 PasswordAuthentication no, but I can still login by password – unix

Tue 20:23 Short story about a drug that suspends the user's conscious experience of events – scifi

Tue 15:23 Is it safe to enter the consulate/embassy of the country I escaped from as a refugee? – expatriates

Tue 15:23 Why did NASA need to observationally confirm whether DART successfully redirected Dimorphos? – physics

Tue 15:23 Story about two sisters and a winged lion – scifi

Tue 15:23 disassembling ikea furniture - how to deal with broken dowels? – diy

Tue 15:23 What do students mean by "makes the course harder than it needs to be"? – academia

Tue 08:23 Is playing an illegal Wild Draw 4 considered cheating or a bluff? – boardgames

Tue 08:23 How could a really intelligent species be stopped from developing? – worldbuilding

Tue 08:23 How to fight an unemployment tax bill that I do not owe in NY? – money

Tue 08:23 Why is Julia in cyrillic regularly trascribed as Yulia in English? – english

Tue 08:23 What is this schematic symbol in the INA851 overvoltage schematic? – electronics

Tue 08:23 Is there a "fundamental problem of thermodynamics"? – physics

Tue 08:23 CGAC2022 Day 6: Shuffles with specific "magic number" – codegolf

Tue 08:23 Ban ChatGPT network-wide – meta

Mon 20:23 Can players and coaches be held criminally liable for actions that they take beyond the scope of their game? – law

Mon 20:23 PSE Advent Calendar 2022 (Day 5): The Double Slitherlink Experiment – puzzling

Mon 20:23 How to ask Mathematica to compute the given sum of the differences of the numbers of the given two sets? – mathematica

Mon 20:23 Why is my shift register latching in garbage data? – electronics

Mon 20:23 Citing a not yet published standard – academia

Mon 15:23 Likely cause of heater being stuck on? – diy

Mon 15:23 How fast would supplies become rare in a post-electric world? – worldbuilding

Mon 15:23 Infected squares warmup: infect a 7x7 board with 21 squares – puzzling

Mon 15:23 Can LEGO City Powered Up trains be automated? – bricks

Mon 15:23 Will a Pokemon in an out of state gym come back? – gaming

Mon 15:23 Could a nomadic society survive on a planet with a year-long daylight cycle? – worldbuilding

Mon 15:23 Why are stealth aircraft not sky blue? – aviation

Mon 15:23 How can the fertility rate be below 2 but the number of births is greater than deaths (South Korea)? – stats

Mon 08:23 MIT Integration Bee 2022 Qualifying Round — Question 10 – math

Mon 08:23 Geometry Nodes: Changing instances rotation to 'normal' after simulation? – blender

Mon 08:23 What does it mean when someone says, "B can't inherit from A because A is immutable and B is mutable"? – softwareengineering

Mon 08:23 What tool should I be using on this bottom bracket? – bicycles

Mon 08:23 Bulk renaming 800 .mp4 files – unix

Mon 08:23 Is there anything particularly special about a "short" and an "open" in a VNA calibration kit? – electronics

Mon 08:23 Numbering cells in a table – tex

Mon 08:23 Would a radio made out of Anti matter be able to communicate with a radio made from regular matter? – worldbuilding

Sun 20:23 Is solving a quadratic programming optimization problem using python slower than C++? – or

Sun 20:23 Doesn't pasteurization kill gut bacteria such as Akkermansia muciniphila? – biology

Sun 20:23 What are limitations of using the same vehicle to carry both SAM and rocket artillery? – worldbuilding

Sun 20:23 Split vector by each NA in R –

Sun 15:23 Why is the Orion capsule using 2 burns to transfer from the moon back to earth instead of one? – space

Sun 15:23 As an amateur, how to learn WHY this or that next move would be good? – chess

Sun 15:23 Could sapient life evolve in 2 billion years? – worldbuilding

Sun 15:23 BPY Layout difference between various enum methods – blender

Sun 15:23 How do I know whether a bookcase will rack/sag/twist if hung using butt hinges as a (non-secret) "door"? – diy

Sun 08:23 Intersection of a line and a circle and distance between them – mathematica

Sun 08:23 Break equation with \left( and \right) doesn't work exactly while using classicthesis – tex

Sun 08:23 Can an SSH server in password mode be impersonated if I ignore the fingerprint warning? – security

Sun 08:23 Why does the length of a vowel before verb endings change? – latin

Sun 08:23 How do I stop people from creating artificial islands using the magic particles that suspend my floating islands? – worldbuilding

Sun 08:23 How is thermal energy split between kinetic energy and potential energy? – physics

Sun 08:23 How do I know whether a bookcase will warp if hung using butt hinges as a (non-secret) "door"? – diy

Sun 08:23 When would it be practical to have a library with one-book electronic tablets in place of physical books? – worldbuilding

Sat 20:23 Is there a word or phrase that conveys that "this is a concept that you learn then discard once you become proficient" – english

Sat 20:23 PSE Advent Calendar 2022 (Day 3): Okay everybody, from the top! – puzzling

Sat 20:23 Why are there separated power circuits for CPU, GPU, and RAM on a motherboard? – electronics

Sat 15:23 Convert to Curves – blender

Sat 15:23 why there are separated power circuit for CPU, GPU, and RAM on motherboard – electronics

Sat 08:23 Fog and a small "Tsunami", appearing suddenly – worldbuilding

Sat 08:23 Where can I find the Senate vote for Lynn Scarlett to be Deputy Secretary of the Interior? – politics

Sat 08:23 Find the box by its corners – codegolf

Fri 20:23 How to put tcolorbox around whole picture? – tex

Fri 20:23 Why can I not buy fractional stock, but see fractional amounts vested? – money

Fri 20:23 Ben & Holly 'Elf Rescue' vs Thunderbirds – scifi

Fri 20:23 How to perform and shine in a team when the boss is too busy to manage – workplace

Fri 20:23 Is my Shroomlib homebrew race balanced? – rpg

Fri 20:23 Are weights really neccessary? – substrate

Fri 08:23 Noun for something you dabble in – english

Fri 08:23 Are USB 2.0, Type-A, Male-Male cables compliant with USB specification? – electronics

Fri 08:23 Why were nomadic tribes (like the Mongols) from the Eurasian steppes a much reduced threat from the 15th century onwards? – history

Fri 08:23 What was the purpose of the ‘overlay number’ field in the MZ executable format? – retrocomputing

Fri 08:23 How to change behavior of underscore following a predefined command? – tex

Fri 08:23 Why would a loan company deposit a small amount into my account and require I send it back? – money

Thu 20:23 sp_executesql Not Working with Parameters – dba

Thu 20:23 How to sustain and realize a collaboration? – academia

Thu 20:23 Using a Minitel keyboard with a modern PC – retrocomputing

Thu 20:23 I have 5 kV available to create a spark. Is limiting the current to 500 µA as simple as putting a 10 MΩ resistor in series? – electronics

Thu 20:23 Can one be liable to pay an agreed sum if they break a promise? – law

Thu 20:23 What is the origin/history of the following very short definition of the Lebesgue integral? –

Thu 15:23 How can I fix chips out of painted fiberboard crown moulding and baseboards? – diy

Thu 15:23 Creating tar files without including the directories –

Thu 15:23 What is the point of a Wheatstone Bridge? – electronics

Thu 08:23 Should I apply to an academic tenure-track job even if I am not a 100% fit? – academia

Thu 08:23 Movie about a spaceship capable of absorbing other spaceships – scifi

Thu 08:23 The relative error of approximating a binomial –

Thu 08:23 I have 5kV available to create a spark. Is limiting the current to 500uA as simple as putting a 10MOhm resistor in series? – electronics

Thu 08:23 I am looking for a collection of Sci Fi short stories, I can remember two of them rather vividly – scifi

Thu 08:23 CGAC2022 Day 1: Let's build a chocolate pyramid! – codegolf

Wed 20:23 What is the correct way to realize this ambiguous swing notation? – music

Wed 20:23 How to transform a logical constraint with integer variables? – or

Wed 20:23 Move curve along another with Geometry Nodes – blender

Wed 15:23 Is "modular" just a theme, or is it bigger? – bricks

Wed 15:23 Short-term options to mitigate burnout and demotivation while working with painful colleague – workplace

Wed 15:23 Quality check for donated tubes – bicycles

Wed 15:23 A logician's Bingo – puzzling

Wed 15:23 Why use a tube for post footings instead of directly pouring concrete into the hole? – diy

Wed 15:23 Can I interpret logistic regression coefficients and their p-values even if model performance is bad? – stats

Wed 15:23 What is the term for this derivation: "Cheeseburger comes from Hamburger" but... the word hamburger didn't refer to ham – linguistics

Wed 08:23 Where would a string break if an instantaneous UNEQUAL tensile force is applied on the ends? – physics

Wed 08:23 What exactly does it mean for a strike to be illegal in the US? – politics

Wed 08:23 How to create a "triangle tensor product" symbol – tex

Wed 08:23 Should I apply to an academic TT job even if I am not a 100% fit? – academia

Wed 08:23 Post footing - why use a tube instead of directly pouring concrete into the hole – diy

Wed 08:23 What would be a recommended interest rate for an unsecured loan to individuals with mediocre credit rating and income close to expenses? – money

Wed 08:23 How did Bill the Pony survive in "The Lord of the Rings?" – scifi

Wed 08:23 Totally random Catan number distributions – codegolf

Tue 20:23 Is it possible to mute the Allays? – gaming

Tue 20:23 Convert text file to CSV on shell –

Tue 20:23 Why haven't we cured the common cold yet? – biology

Tue 20:23 align right braces – tex

Tue 20:23 How could a misotheistic society kill belief in powered gods? – worldbuilding

Tue 20:23 Friends girlfriend's parents preventing her from returning to UK from the UAE (Abu-Dhabi) – travel

Tue 15:23 Can linear logic be used to resolve unexpected hanging/surprise examination paradox? –

Tue 15:23 Shorthand name for Ab6(no3)/Eb? – music

Tue 15:23 Refused to fly back to one's own country without vaccine or negative COVID test – travel

Tue 15:23 How could a misotheistic society kill belief powered gods? – worldbuilding

Tue 15:23 Inbox improvements are live – meta

Tue 08:23 Refused to re-enter one's own country without vaccine or negative COVID test – travel

Tue 08:23 Why did accelerated vesting apply to the CEO but not regular employees of Twitter? – money

Tue 08:23 The contradictions between agile approach and the growth of individual team member – pm

Tue 08:23 Can we use both cash and card for payments in Iceland as a tourist? – travel

Tue 08:23 How can I figure out measurements/distances and hyperspace jump time in my universe that is simple enough for readers to understand? – worldbuilding

Tue 08:23 Boundedness of a Hamiltonian and when does a Hamiltonian have a spectrum? – physics

Tue 08:23 Does linear logic block paradoxes? –

Tue 08:23 Rejecting a job offer that really doesn't fit me well - do I explain myself? – workplace

Tue 08:23 Is it believable that a civilization is governed under one country? – worldbuilding

Tue 08:23 How is USB 3.2 still serial when there are so many data cables? – electronics

Tue 08:23 Inbox improvements will go live for everyone on November 29th, 2022 – meta

Tue 08:23 Help us identify new roles for community members – meta

Mon 20:23 Tune of wind instruments and the strength of blow – music

Mon 20:23 What type of spring system can this system be treated as? – physics

Mon 20:23 My online boyfriend ask me to do the bank transfer using his bank account because he can't access it from another country – money

Mon 20:23 Is it fair to have follow-up interviews after a test following suspicions of cheating? – academia

Mon 20:23 What's special about spoke nipple washers? – bicycles

Mon 15:23 What is the full name of I. Bernard Cohen? – hsm

Mon 15:23 SSH- "Unable to negotiate ... no matching host key type found." – unix

Mon 15:23 When does parboiling "begin"? – cooking

Mon 15:23 Is there a much simplified version of the Old Testament? – hermeneutics

Mon 15:23 80's/90's novel about a post-apocalyptic gunman, NOT GUNSLINGER, ending with the first atomic bomb test? – scifi

Mon 15:23 Difference between converting a projection into WGS84 first before converting it to a intended coordinate system vs. converting projection directly – gis

Mon 15:23 Mathematica for Theoretical Physics by Gerd Baumann : Henonmap – mathematica

Mon 15:23 Why were nested functions excluded from B and C? – retrocomputing

Mon 15:23 What real castle would be least expensive to visit from New Zealand? – travel

Mon 08:23 Is it possible to create a pseudo-One Time Pad by using a key smaller than the plaintext? – crypto

Mon 08:23 Sound of a black hole merger – astronomy

Mon 08:23 How would the water cycle work on a planet with barely any atmosphere? – worldbuilding

Mon 08:23 Is there a contractible hyperbolic 3-orbifold of finite volume? –

Mon 08:23 Orbital Supercomputer for Martian and Outer Planet Computing – space

Mon 08:23 Orbital motions – physics

Mon 08:23 What is the difference between Voltage and Voltage Drop? – electronics

Mon 08:23 Who is responsible for ensuring valid documentation on immigration? – travel

Mon 08:23 How could crustaceans evolve lungs? – worldbuilding

Mon 08:23 Why create a CSR on my own server to have it signed by a 3rd party? – security

Mon 08:23 Trying to write several short, unimpactful papers to boost publication record – academia

Mon 08:23 Is the UK not member of Schengen, Customs Union, Economic Area, Free Trade Association among others anymore now after Brexit? – politics

Mon 08:23 Feasibility Of Kitchen Sink Swap – diy

Mon 08:23 '70s movie about a night flight during the Night of the Witches – scifi

Mon 08:23 How far in the past could a highly-trained survivalist live? – worldbuilding

Mon 08:23 Find the nth number where the digit sum equals the number of factors – codegolf

Sun 20:23 Why can't the radius of an Icosphere be set depending on position with geometry nodes – blender

Sun 20:23 PSTricks broken in Plain TeX? – tex

Sun 20:23 Oribtal Supercomputer for Martian and Outer Planet Computing – space

Sun 20:23 Who is responsible for immigration? – travel

Sun 20:23 How to Partition List into sublists so that it orders down columns when placed into a Grid instead of across rows – mathematica

Sun 20:23 Is this an accurate representation of where the UK is now after Brexit? – politics

Sun 15:23 How to merge two rows in table – tex

Sun 15:23 A reasonable number of covariates after variable selection in a regression model – stats

Sun 15:23 A symbol after horizontal line – tex

Sun 15:23 Is it possible to use a different TLD for mDNS other than .local? –

Sun 15:23 How can I make my fantasy cult believable? – worldbuilding

Sun 15:23 The Windows Phone SE site has been archived – meta

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