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Fri 20:23 QGIS - how to copy only some columns from attribute table – gis

Fri 20:23 How to vertical center a TikZ node within a text line? – tex

Fri 20:23 How to add circles inside another circle – blender

Fri 20:23 In general relativity, how come Earth accelerate? – physics

Fri 20:23 How can I shave a sheet of plywood into a wedge shim? – diy

Fri 20:23 Jablonski diagram and absorption – chemistry

Fri 20:23 Cartoon series about a world-saving agent, who is an Indiana Jones and James Bond mixture – scifi

Fri 20:23 Semantics of the `:` (colon) function in Bash when used in a pipe? – unix

Fri 20:23 Can you identify this fighter from the silhouette? – aviation

Fri 20:23 Is it possible for rockets to exist in a world that is only in the early stages of developing jet aircraft? – worldbuilding

Fri 20:23 Sustainability of new AI generated content policy – meta

Fri 15:23 Passing parameters from Geometry Nodes of different objects – blender

Fri 15:23 Where is crontab's time command documented? –

Fri 15:23 First story of aliens pretending to be humans especially a "human" family (like Coneheads) that is trying to fit in, maybe for a long time? – scifi

Fri 15:23 Can I trust my bike’s frame after I was hit by a car if there's no visible cracking? – bicycles

Fri 15:23 Why wouldn't a plane start its take-off run from the very beginning of the runway to keep the option to utilize the full runway if necessary? – aviation

Fri 15:23 Two attempts of an if with an "and" are failing: if [ ... ] -a [ ... ] , if [[ ... && ... ]] Why? – unix

Fri 15:23 Should convert 'k' and 't' sounds to 'g' and 'd' sounds when they follow 's' in a word for pronunciation? – ell

Fri 15:23 Citing my unpublished master's thesis in the article that builds on top of it – academia

Fri 15:23 In July 2022, did China have more nuclear weapons than Domino's Pizza locations? – skeptics

Fri 15:23 Noise cancels but variance sums - contradiction? – stats

Fri 15:23 Does substituting electrons with muons change the atomic shell configuration? – physics

Fri 15:23 Is there any philosophical theory behind the concept of object in computer science? – philosophy

Fri 15:23 Is there a reason beyond protection from potential corruption to restrict a minister's ability to personally relieve and appoint civil servants? – politics

Fri 15:23 Is Spider-Man the only Marvel character that has been represented as multiple non-human characters? – scifi

Fri 15:23 Did an AI-enabled drone attack the human operator in a simulation environment? – skeptics

Fri 08:23 What one-octave set of notes is most comfortable for an SATB choir to sing in unison/octaves? – music

Fri 08:23 A religion where everyone is considered a priest – worldbuilding

Fri 08:23 Apply arithmetic into piped command – unix

Fri 08:23 How could a nonprofit obtain consent to message relevant individuals at a company on LinkedIn under the ePrivacy Directive? – law

Fri 08:23 Short story (possibly by Hal Clement) about an alien ship stuck on Earth – scifi

Fri 08:23 Insufficient travel insurance to cover the massive medical expenses for a visitor to US? – travel

Fri 08:23 Why are radicals so intolerant of slight deviations in doctrine? – politics

Fri 08:23 Should I acknowledge Pride Month to my colleagues on team who are LGBQ? – workplace

Fri 08:23 Why does bunched up aluminum foil become so extremely hard to compress? – physics

Fri 08:23 Is there a place where adultery is a crime? – law

Fri 08:23 Do muons have different atomic shells than electrons? – physics

Fri 08:23 How much of the power drawn by a chip turns into heat? – electronics

Thu 20:23 Automate quitting and restarting Kernel while doing Evaluate Notebook – mathematica

Thu 20:23 Question on the second homomorphism theorem. – math

Thu 20:23 Would it be possible to build a powerless holographic projector? – worldbuilding

Thu 20:23 Code readability and debugging – softwareengineering

Thu 20:23 Can I infer that Schrödinger's cat is dead without opening the box, if I wait a thousand years? – physics

Thu 20:23 What are these clips called? – diy

Thu 20:23 Faster algorithm for max(ctz(x), ctz(y))? –

Thu 20:23 How to correctly use LazySubsets from Wolfram's Lazy package? – mathematica

Thu 20:23 Is there a legal reason that organizations often refuse to comment on an issue citing "ongoing litigation"? – law

Thu 15:23 How to avoid an accumulation of manuscripts "under review"? – academia

Thu 15:23 Code readibility and debugging – softwareengineering

Thu 15:23 How to write guitar music that sounds like the lyrics – music

Thu 15:23 Citing "common knowledge" blogs? – academia

Thu 15:23 What is the name of the oscilloscope-like software shown in this screenshot? – electronics

Thu 15:23 Questions about space elevators – physics

Thu 15:23 German guesthouse asking for date of birth – travel

Thu 08:23 Could a steam-age civilization trial-and-error their way to a nuclear reactor if they had access to enough fissile material? – worldbuilding

Thu 08:23 How does the damage from Artificer Armorer's Lightning Launcher work? – rpg

Thu 08:23 Can terminators detect each other? – scifi

Thu 08:23 Is it a problem if a professor doesn't release exam statistics? – academia

Thu 08:23 An Almost-squarish set of numbers – puzzling

Thu 08:23 What are all the times Gandalf was either late or early? – scifi

Thu 08:23 Quick ways to reinforce cheap wood-like IKEA table? – diy

Thu 08:23 What are philosophical arguments for the position that Intelligent Design is nothing but "Creationism in disguise"? – philosophy

Thu 08:23 How to compensate Vbe temperature dependancy – electronics

Thu 08:23 I can't see if I've already voted on something – meta

Thu 08:23 Rationale for sending manned mission to another star? – worldbuilding

Thu 08:23 Adjacent Items Sorting – codegolf

Thu 08:23 Blog post: CEO Update: Paving the road forward with AI and community at the center – meta

Wed 20:23 Do "Eating and drinking" " Marrying and given in marriage" in Matthew 24:36-39 refer to End-time dissipation or to Normal times at the 2nd Coming? – hermeneutics

Wed 20:23 Can we please get more supporting information on the "network policy regarding AI Generated content" post? – meta

Wed 20:23 Non-native speakers struggle to come up with decent variable names and function names – cseducators

Wed 20:23 What legal means exist for the German government to prevent Turks living in Germany from voting in the Turkish election? – politics

Wed 20:23 Would sending audio fragments over a phone call be considered a form of cryptology? – crypto

Wed 20:23 Do you provoke an AoO when you evoke a beam with the spell Sunbeam? – rpg

Wed 20:23 How to deal with "online" status competition at work? – workplace

Wed 20:23 Is there a definition/test for "lack of merit" (legal arguments)? – law

Wed 20:23 Enabling a user to revert a hacked change in their email – security

Wed 15:23 How to come up with candidate moves or ideas in positions "with no action"? – chess

Wed 15:23 Is it permitted to read non-Jewish religious texts? – judaism

Wed 15:23 There’s a good film on late. (on means on TV?) – ell

Wed 15:23 How did a spark generate electromagnetic fields that radiate to places? – physics

Wed 15:23 What is the German word for "arbitrator" - NOT "mediator"! – german

Wed 15:23 Book that is sci-fi explorer mixed with Arthurian legend – scifi

Wed 15:23 Can I increase the size of my floor register to improve cooling in my bedroom? – diy

Wed 15:23 Verb for "ceasing to like someone/something" – english

Wed 15:23 Sci fi movie/TV episode where pin/bolt disappears back of people’s neck – scifi

Wed 15:23 In this movie I see a strange cable for terminal connection, what kind of connection is this? – retrocomputing

Wed 15:23 Why do front gears become harder when the cassette becomes larger but opposite for the rear ones? – bicycles

Wed 15:23 Discussion: Network policy regarding AI Generated content – meta

Wed 08:23 Super broad gauge railway vs double wide/multi track railway – worldbuilding

Wed 08:23 Pythonic way for validating and categorizing user input – codereview

Wed 08:23 Typing a specific type of matrix – tex

Wed 08:23 What is the purpose of the second transistor? – electronics

Wed 08:23 Naming a chord based on key – music

Wed 08:23 A triangular puzzle – puzzling

Wed 08:23 Why can't I wash away soapy hands? – travel

Wed 08:23 Kazhdan-Lusztig theory for quantizations of symplectic resolutions/the rational Cherednik algebra? –

Wed 08:23 Non-rigorous proof in an article – academia

Wed 08:23 What's the point of Vcc and Vee closed loop in op amp inverter – electronics

Wed 08:23 Can this be a better way of defining subsets? – matheducators

Wed 08:23 How can I use Taste Blood on level 5? – rpg

Wed 08:23 How do I change vote arrow buttons back? – meta

Wed 08:23 Please don't allow computer-generated content – meta

Wed 08:23 In Return of the King has there been any explanation for the role of the third eagle? – scifi

Wed 08:23 How to mark seatpost position? – bicycles

Wed 08:23 What control inputs to make if a wing falls off? – aviation

Wed 08:23 Please follow your own policies on making new policies – meta

Wed 08:23 Why are American liberals more prone to in-fighting than conservatives? – politics

Wed 08:23 How does a government that uses undead labor avoid perverse incentives? – worldbuilding

Wed 08:23 Stack Exchange is failing its community – meta

Wed 08:23 Should dissenting answers on new policy posts be deleted by staff? – meta

Tue 20:23 What are these keys on the БК-0010-series keyboards, and what do they do? – retrocomputing

Tue 20:23 Would an adhesive surface have more air resistance? – physics

Tue 20:23 Are there any historical examples of successful price ceilings (aka price gouging laws)? – history

Tue 20:23 How to get x, y, slope in raster, in QGIS – gis

Tue 20:23 How to printf "`" and "%" character inside array on aliasses? –

Tue 20:23 Complex Gaussian wave packet visualized as a 3D – tex

Tue 20:23 How can I "properly" merge two cylinders so I can bevel the connection between them? – blender

Tue 20:23 What is MTU on a network adapter and what problems can wrong MTU cause? –

Tue 15:23 Reasoning about rational numbers – mathematica

Tue 15:23 Terminal is not fully functional warning with less but not with more (which is also less) –

Tue 15:23 Plotting in Python – codereview

Tue 15:23 Is there a system of logic which denies DNI? – philosophy

Tue 15:23 If inductors block AC then how are they used In LCR circuits? – physics

Tue 15:23 Evaluate a function with two lists and table – mathematica

Tue 15:23 Whom is Mario trying to rescue in Donkey Kong? – scifi

Tue 08:23 Does using the Knock spell on the front door of Icespire Hold wake Cryovain? – rpg

Tue 08:23 What would've given more accurate consonant ratios than 12? – music

Tue 08:23 What is the time difference between BOTW and TOTK? – gaming

Tue 08:23 Porch light has a white wire, but switch has 2 black wires, is it a neutral? – diy

Tue 08:23 Can statistical units measured per thousand inhabitants be bigger than 1000? – stats

Tue 08:23 What is the difference between "последний" and "прошлый" – russian

Tue 08:23 Exact solution of the integral – mathematica

Tue 08:23 Are two free hands required to throw a two-handed ranged weapon? – rpg

Tue 08:23 Accepting a reviewer position only if I'm not the sole reviewer – academia

Tue 08:23 Should turns always be standard-rate? – aviation

Tue 08:23 Why does this diode/capacitor combination appear on every board in a vintage computer? – electronics

Tue 08:23 Why do capacitors in series have same charge? – physics

Tue 08:23 How to pull cable straight? – diy

Tue 08:23 Who "seeded" Arrakis' flora and fauna? And with what? – scifi

Tue 08:23 Is there a name for the first beat in a piece (not including the anacrusis)? – music

Tue 08:23 Three boats problem – puzzling

Tue 08:23 Do stars become more metal-rich as they evolve? – astronomy

Tue 08:23 Increase padding of cell, only when needed. (\dfrac) – tex

Tue 08:23 Could a primitive civilization trial-and-error their way to a nuclear reactor if they had access to enough fissile material? – worldbuilding

Tue 08:23 What is the serial protocol commonly used over RS-232 (among other links) and where did it come from? – retrocomputing

Tue 08:23 Who is Mario trying to rescue in Donkey Kong? – scifi

Tue 08:23 Logarithmic Incrementation – codegolf

Tue 08:23 Output endless powers of 2 – codegolf

Mon 20:23 What criteria should a cyclist consider when shopping for a car, partly to transport bikes to trails? – bicycles

Mon 20:23 What is the meaning of "SGD scales the gradient uniformly in all directions"? – stats

Mon 20:23 Answering Zizek's challenge to Buddhism – buddhism

Mon 20:23 Can a Firbolg standing behind a wall see without being seen? – rpg

Mon 20:23 How to make cyrillic working with TeX Gyre fonts? – tex

Mon 20:23 How to understand John 1:1 in light of Hebrews 7:3? – hermeneutics

Mon 20:23 How to change the casefold ext4 filesystem option of the root partition, if I only have ssh access – unix

Mon 20:23 Can we understand from basic QED, why is the photon electrically neutral? – physics

Mon 20:23 There is no moderation for edit summaries – meta

Mon 20:23 Why is deploying nuclear weapons in Belarus seen as a problem, and how would this help Russia? – politics

Mon 15:23 Creating Live USB for both 22.04 and 23.04 –

Mon 15:23 Power required to accelerate object – physics

Mon 15:23 Deduplicate CSV rows based on a specific column, with a CSV parser – unix

Mon 15:23 What are the meaning and usage of quodsi? – latin

Mon 15:23 Surprise: Interactive Bash runs commands in a separate Process Group – unix

Mon 15:23 How do I go about apologizing to my ex-professor for putting her in an uncomfortable position? – academia

Mon 15:23 What criteria should a cyclist consider when buying a car, partly to transport bikes to trails? – bicycles

Mon 15:23 Using multiple face islands with differing rot/pos as the "Target Geometry," how can the Raycast node's "Is Hit" boolean be used to separate geometry? – blender

Mon 15:23 Lights flicker and losing power – diy

Mon 15:23 Why the passive "are described" is not grammatically correct in this sentence – english

Mon 15:23 Opinion of academics on non-peer reviewed academic blogs – academia

Mon 15:23 On plotting multiple lists – mathematica

Mon 08:23 Why doesn't vocal music use C clefs nowadays? – music

Mon 08:23 Implementing a 3x4 subfigure – tex

Mon 08:23 Are legislators ever asked to explain their intent in Supreme Court cases? – law

Mon 08:23 Buck Converter Compensation and Transient Response – electronics

Mon 08:23 Speaking what is not = speaking about non-being? – philosophy

Mon 08:23 Why is running this code always displaying Running? – mathematica

Mon 08:23 Putting the oil fire out in Sorcerer – movies

Mon 08:23 Where do forge-worms live outside of forges? – worldbuilding

Mon 08:23 Sprawling TV movie/series set after EMP; not really apocalyptic – scifi

Mon 08:23 What is the difference (if any) between these two expressions in FOCAL? – retrocomputing

Mon 08:23 Self-made Sangaku-style geometry problem involving chords and inscribed circles – math

Mon 08:23 Is the Cartesian product of two finitely presented objects finitely presentable? –

Mon 08:23 Would it be constitutional in the US to have age limits for SCOTUS justices? – politics

Mon 08:23 Does Unspoken Agreement stack with multi-attack or cantrips? – rpg

Mon 08:23 Is there a phrase that means "too important"? – english

Sun 20:23 Should the chain diverge that much? – bicycles

Sun 20:23 Does shield surfing on rails lower shield durability? – gaming

Sun 20:23 Ubuntu installation on laptop. What to do with Windows partitions? –

Sun 20:23 integer solutions of exponential equation –

Sun 20:23 What is the longest bridge that a Bronze Age society could put together? – worldbuilding

Sun 20:23 Sefer on Conversion in Halacha – judaism

Sun 20:23 Generate the hyphenation of a given list of words – tex

Sun 15:23 Strange 3D Animal Movie Set in Venice? – scifi

Sun 15:23 Rocket Engine Failure Rate – space

Sun 15:23 What does a question mark `?` in the STAT column of `ps` on MacOS indicate? – apple

Sun 15:23 Reverse blood flow in an IV – physics

Sun 15:23 How and why did Rabbi Ishmael's 13 rules make their way into pre-tefillah in shacharit? – judaism

Sun 15:23 Asbestos contamination – diy

Sun 15:23 Group with every finite order elements – math

Sun 15:23 Bypassing a momentary switch – electronics

Sun 15:23 Using a foreign passport in the UK as a British citizen – travel

Sun 15:23 What does the sentence "it's only dying a bit later than I would have, because I'm never going over to the Dark Side!" mean, especially its last part? – scifi

Sun 15:23 What is a real-world example of a for-loop? – cseducators

Sun 15:23 Other than training and some landings, do pilots ever stall on purpose? – aviation

Sun 15:23 Ideal Transformer Model Confusion – electronics

Sun 08:23 What was the basis/reasoning for Pennsylvania's Supreme Court decision to declare the state old-age assistance program unconstitutional in the 1920s? – law

Sun 08:23 Why some Schengen countries don't stamp passports of residence permit holders? – travel

Sun 08:23 Windows 11 Canary Channel: explorer.exe not working –

Sun 08:23 What would be an example of something digital which isn't electronic? – dsp

Sun 08:23 Simple circuit works with BC547, but not with 2N3904 – electronics

Sun 08:23 Can you pack these tetracubes to form a rectangular block with at least one odd side length? – puzzling

Sun 08:23 Category of small categories is not adhesive? –

Sun 08:23 Constitutional Race-Conscious Policies – law

Sun 08:23 Incorrect reasoning during Taylor series derivation? – math

Sun 08:23 How many instances of 1 are there in the expression "1+1"? – philosophy

Sun 08:23 Should I pre-emptively confess after submitting work that was partially generated by ChatGPT? – academia

Sun 08:23 Date Checking in C++ – codereview

Sun 08:23 Understanding a simplifying assumption in Invariant Subspace Problem proof –

Sun 08:23 Need help figuring out circuit board design – electronics

Sun 08:23 Who said that one should change one’s direction of research every seven years? – academia

Sat 20:23 Why `AsymptoticSolve` doesn't work for a multivariate implicit function? – mathematica

Sat 20:23 Why the "balanced vs constant function" problem is not a proof that P ≠ BPP? – cstheory

Sat 20:23 Uniformization of almost disjoint families –

Sat 20:23 LED bulb thread base vs incandescent bulb thread base – diy

Sat 20:23 Why did Mrs Gump feel that Elvis Presley's Hound Dog was inappropriate for children? – movies

Sat 20:23 "in the Hebrew it ..." vs "in Hebrew it ..." - what is the difference of meaning in this paragraph of Milton and in general? – english

Sat 20:23 What is \DocumentMetadata? What key-value pairs does it take and when should I use it? – tex

Sat 20:23 DeSantis' "US Constitution’s 'leverage points'... to exercise the 'true scope' of presidential power". Something new or based on existing theories? – politics

Sat 20:23 Why did this US prosecutor keep asking whether documents would refresh a witness's memory? – law

Sat 20:23 Understanding "side effect", or multiple commands within one command? – unix

Sat 20:23 Why did it take so long to invent telescopes given glass was used 4000 years ago in Mesopotamia? – astronomy

Sat 15:23 Did Nelson Mandela read The Economist in prison? – skeptics

Sat 15:23 Why do you 'contribute' money to your own Health Savings Account not to 'deposit' it? – ell

Sat 15:23 What are these white marks on this PCB? – electronics

Sat 15:23 Next logical move in Heyawake – puzzling

Sat 15:23 Placing multiple nodes around a circle – tex

Sat 15:23 Are editors/ peer reviewers in the scholarly peer review system to be held accountable for their comments? – academia

Sat 08:23 What happens if an insurance company does not mention a critical clause of a policy during a telephone purchase? – law

Sat 08:23 international space station small White device with LCD and 10keys – space

Sat 08:23 Is every rational sequence topology homeomorphic? –

Sat 08:23 Force Microsoft Teams to use default audio devices set in Windows –

Sat 08:23 If a character could replace the result of weapon die rolls with their proficiency bonus, what's the average die result for weapons that use 2d6? – rpg

Sat 08:23 How many sorting networks? – codegolf

Sat 08:23 How can the US deny access to G7 markets? – politics

Sat 08:23 Why compass needle doesn't precess about but aligns by magnetic field? – physics

Sat 08:23 Is a parabola really a conic section? – math

Sat 08:23 Is lying in an application for a job at a private company, signed under penalty of perjury, prosecutable as perjury? – law

Sat 08:23 With black keys, does one use curved or straight fingers; what about curved or straight between the black keys? – music

Sat 08:23 How change the data arrangement in a list? – mathematica

Fri 20:23 Is it possible to see the removed content due to my flag in my own question? – meta

Fri 20:23 How to check if the limit exists in multivariable calculus – math

Fri 20:23 "Solvitas perambulum": Is this real Latin? – latin

Fri 20:23 International youth meeting – puzzling

Fri 20:23 Is there a clean way to derive the start parameters for running the `fitdist()` function for the Gumbel distribution? – stats

Fri 20:23 How can a 32-bit x86 CPU start with reset vector 0xFFFFFFF0 even though it starts in 16-bit real mode? – retrocomputing

Fri 20:23 Height of \sin versus \tan in amsmath – tex

Fri 20:23 How can a passenger have opened an emergency exit on an Airbus A321 in flight? – aviation

Fri 20:23 Player does crazy elaborate things, without the GM knowing where it will lead – rpg

Fri 15:23 Which IP address would be most safe and suitable to use as a placeholder in a live system? – security

Fri 15:23 Would this be perjury? – law

Fri 15:23 Does anti-creationism make certain possibilities impossible for science to discover? – philosophy

Fri 15:23 How far apart has the sun drifted from Alpha Centari due to the expansion of the universe since its formation? – astronomy

Fri 15:23 Is it appropriate to cite vulgar websites used for gathering data? – academia

Fri 15:23 Old biscuit recipe question - "until the dough blisters" – cooking

Fri 15:23 How to handle it if one player wants to take a risky course of action that nobody else wants? – rpg

Fri 15:23 Resultant of two polynomials – codegolf

Fri 08:23 How is the RHS related to the LHS – puzzling

Fri 08:23 A word to cover meanings of religion, mysticism, occult, and philosophy – english

Fri 08:23 How to convince management that not all software tools should be internally made? – workplace

Fri 08:23 Collaborator remade all the figures of our results. How to proceed? – academia

Fri 08:23 North American center tapped power to single phase Euro style power – electronics

Fri 08:23 Why would I use \dimexpr .. \relax in \setlength? – tex

Fri 08:23 Etymology and history of the word "haveral" – english

Fri 08:23 Can you be fired for refusing to lie? – law

Fri 08:23 Why did Trinity not take Neo to Morpheus when meeting him in the club? – scifi

Fri 08:23 What is the first instance of human-sized, bipedal intelligent rat-people – scifi

Fri 08:23 How can the CPU start with reset vector 0xFFFFFFF0 even though it starts in 16-bit real mode? – retrocomputing

Fri 08:23 Group of matrices in which every matrix is similar to unitary –

Fri 08:23 Tiny Creatures Can't Kill Players, Right? – rpg

Thu 20:23 Why does the object spin around a random dot, instead of its own axis? – blender

Thu 20:23 Maven - ignore ANSI color escaping chars in grep search –

Thu 20:23 Positive and negative voltage readings of chemical cells – chemistry

Thu 20:23 Does this joke format exist in English, and if so, who is it about? – ell

Thu 20:23 MTB rear wheel selection – bicycles

Thu 20:23 What does the mention of Israel suggest here in Greenmantle? – literature

Thu 20:23 Is there anything important to know about flying at ~9000ft for the first time? – aviation

Thu 20:23 Word for an intentionally high bid on a job – english

Thu 20:23 Teaching high school math between PhD and postdoc – academia

Thu 20:23 How to quickly make a rectangular array of continous 1 and 0 given the start position of 1 – mathematica

Thu 15:23 How many students in this Math circle and can they together explain the solution of all of the 20 problems? – puzzling

Thu 15:23 How serious is it that my new teammates didn't show up to a meeting I set up that they agreed to attend? – workplace

Thu 15:23 For a finite set A of positive reals, prove that the set A + A - A contains at least as many positive as negative elements –

Thu 15:23 How to find transaction's original author in Bitcoin Core? – bitcoin

Thu 15:23 Does Intelligent Design (ID) entail an infinite regress of designers, and if so, is that problematic? – philosophy

Thu 15:23 Roots of this sextic –

Thu 08:23 Why won't AnyDice let me store dice rolls in variables? – rpg

Thu 08:23 Does the assumption that all known facts are already priced into the share price assume that most participants of the stock market are well-informed? – money

Thu 08:23 Solid or Stranded #10/2 THHN/THWN-2 for underground 120v branch ckt – diy

Thu 08:23 Why does std::optional::value_or() take a U&& rather than T&&? –

Thu 08:23 Made aware of a utility easement a year on – law

Thu 08:23 I will grab a taxi back. vs. I will grab back a taxi – ell

Thu 08:23 Democratic countries that limit the ability of foreign governments to influence their politics – politics

Thu 08:23 Can you exit the Depths without fast travel? – gaming

Thu 08:23 Is colour alone enough to convey warning? – ux

Thu 08:23 Why does ChatGPT fail in playing "20 questions"? – ai

Thu 08:23 The Enlarge spell only effects one creature or object and its wording is ambiguous. What happens to a creature's armor or clothing if it grows? – rpg

Thu 08:23 How to check if a command is running currently –

Thu 08:23 Check if a string is a date – mathematica

Thu 08:23 How thick in diameter is the average Lightning bolt visually? – physics

Thu 08:23 How can pilots get other pilots attention without the use of radio – aviation

Thu 08:23 Is a written music theory exam noisy? – music

Thu 08:23 What is the idea behind German courts having both professional judges and lay judges? – law

Thu 08:23 How do space probes find their way and how much fuel do they use to travel? – space

Wed 20:23 Existing NEMA 10-30R for dryer wired with hot hot ground instead of neutral? – diy

Wed 20:23 What can cause two deep "stepped" grooves in a rotor? – mechanics

Wed 20:23 is iii7 a dominant chord with scale degree 3? – music

Wed 20:23 The secret to well-seasoned pulled pork – cooking

Wed 20:23 Challenges of publishing a single-author paper in computer science – academia

Wed 20:23 Re-checking baggage for international to domestic transit at San Francisco? (long layover) – travel

Wed 20:23 How does one accurately deduce scale from any given fantasy map (to the best one can)? – worldbuilding

Wed 20:23 What is the basic difference between curry powder and garam masala? – cooking

Wed 20:23 How does social inequality differ from wealth inequality? (In a society with capitalism esque ideals) – politics

Wed 20:23 What does the "proportional symbol" (∝) mean when used as a time unit prefix? – electronics

Wed 15:23 How to delete the complex numbers which are generated in a list of numbers – mathematica

Wed 15:23 How do I deal with many zero values in terms of correlation? – stats

Wed 15:23 How should I write leaving a PhD program after 6 years on CV – academia

Wed 15:23 When do I use "of" before the name of a place? – ell

Wed 15:23 Is there an easy method to create an 8 sided polygon with different length sides – blender

Wed 15:23 What are some examples of LaTeX commands which accept three or more arguments? – tex

Wed 15:23 How does social inequality differ from wealth inequality? – politics

Wed 15:23 What are the implications of the recent finding in Vatican Library in relation to Matt 12:1? – hermeneutics

Wed 15:23 Is an AI model considered a derivative work? – law

Wed 15:23 Can you use the Seeming spell to appear invisible? – rpg

Wed 15:23 How do we know the expansion of the universe is not centered around our position? – astronomy

Wed 15:23 Did Gollum eat an orc child? – scifi

Wed 08:23 Which Marvel Superhero does this logo belong to? – scifi

Wed 08:23 Is it Possible to Hide an Object in Only One Viewport? – blender

Wed 08:23 What are the rules for two people riding the same mount? – rpg

Wed 08:23 Does this conic have a rational point? –

Wed 08:23 use 'of' before a name – ell

Wed 08:23 Split string at first space? – mathematica

Wed 08:23 How might this creature evolve a biological gun – worldbuilding

Wed 08:23 What is this probe on the Airbus A330 engine nacelle? – aviation

Wed 08:23 Short story in which humans abandon Earth for Mars, only to find out that humans had previously abandoned Mars for Earth – scifi

Wed 08:23 Do I really need to replace a Federal Pacific Electrical panel? – diy

Wed 08:23 Should I be restrictive in my son's interest in electricity? – parenting

Wed 08:23 Can you DDOS a Human Brain? – worldbuilding

Tue 20:23 When the Pontryagin square is an even class? –

Tue 20:23 How to resize an animated webp? –

Tue 20:23 Why do Ethernet PHY magnetics have a center tap? – electronics

Tue 20:23 Frozen Star- Red dwarf goes supernova, just because I cooled it to near 0 K? – worldbuilding

Tue 20:23 No internet in Ubuntu 22.04, editing /etc/resolv.conf brings back internet, but is this method secure? –

Tue 20:23 Which communist parties use crypto for donations? – politics

Tue 20:23 Why are there two inverses to exponentiation? – matheducators

Tue 20:23 Why don't my hover tanks fly? – worldbuilding

Tue 15:23 How to secure these wooden porch posts to the concrete slab? – diy

Tue 15:23 Should I review for journals where I would not publish my own papers? – academia

Tue 15:23 How to draw an axis like this? – tex

Tue 15:23 Is there a license that prevents someone from copying the entirety of the source code and claiming it as their own or using it with ill intent? – opensource

Tue 15:23 as you told me to – ell

Tue 15:23 What happens when assigning to the underscore pattern? –

Tue 15:23 How can someone be of two nationalities during the First World War? – literature

Tue 15:23 Photo contrast in early morning – photo

Tue 15:23 Are global user account systems now illegal following Facebook fine? – law

Tue 08:23 Topics covered in Calculus I and II (university level) that aren't covered in the AP Curriculum – matheducators

Tue 08:23 Is Webb or any near-future telescopes like ELT capable of observing redshift changes to confirm General Relativity? – astronomy

Tue 08:23 Is it safe to use the ground wire in /2 as neutral (with no ground)? – diy

Tue 08:23 What is this indication on most turboprops? – aviation

Tue 08:23 Euclidean distance on projective plane – codegolf

Tue 08:23 Does "sudo" rely on "su" in any way? – unix

Tue 08:23 Is handing out bibles near school property a 1st amendment violation? – law

Tue 08:23 Is there a way to use language to hijack a persons reality, that wouldnt cause a [syntax error] in reality itself? – worldbuilding

Tue 08:23 Calculating the day of the year with QGIS expressions – gis

Tue 08:23 Is an autopilot failure an emergency? – aviation

Tue 08:23 Predicting health of power supplies – electronics

Tue 08:23 Received an ultimatum from PhD advisor to leave that broke me completely – academia

Tue 08:23 Was Ford the only person who became a US president without winning an election? – history

Tue 08:23 In 18th century England, was "eat" the past tense of "eat" and how was it pronounced? – english

Tue 08:23 When a journalist writes "shareholders wiped out" what does this actually mean? – money

Tue 08:23 How would one protect one self from a suit while skiing? – law

Tue 08:23 Why would humans carry around live plants in a post-apocalyptic world? – worldbuilding

Tue 08:23 What happens if the initial damage from the Feeblemind spell reduces the target to 0 HP (or kills them)? – rpg

Tue 08:23 What indicates this passage as B flat minor and not D flat major? – music

Tue 08:23 Why don't people use ConTeXt? – tex

Tue 08:23 Where/when did the sentence "a good developer is lazy" first appear? – retrocomputing

Mon 20:23 Symmetric blend modes – tex

Mon 20:23 Please provide communities with custom post-delete-reasons as a moderation tool – meta

Mon 20:23 Make sense of this mess! – puzzling

Mon 20:23 Using Clang to compile MS-DOS executables – retrocomputing

Mon 20:23 tax filing obligations for class action settlement income of under 10$ (non-resident alien) – money

Mon 20:23 Delete special part from a list using Mathematica – mathematica

Mon 20:23 Value of a ferrite bead in PHYs – electronics

Mon 20:23 Do tealight holding dishes keep food at a safe temperature? – cooking

Mon 20:23 Using an offer from another firm in my yearly review – workplace

Mon 20:23 Why is the variance in quality between German universities regarded as less than that of America? – academia

Mon 15:23 Why does growing more muscle push out veins to surface? – fitness

Mon 15:23 How can I sample uniformly from a citrus surface? –

Mon 15:23 Is my outlet / ground wire bootlegged? – diy

Mon 15:23 How many moves to reach this position? – puzzling

Mon 15:23 Can You Make A Tiny Nuclear Reactor By Employing Supercritical Conditions For Brief Periods Of Time? – worldbuilding

Mon 15:23 Are linear combinations of independent random variables again independent? – stats

Mon 15:23 Why don't alcoholic beverages have the ingredients list? – law

Mon 15:23 Any mention of traveling around the sun in The Expanse universe? – scifi

Mon 15:23 Does QEMU on Linux Ubuntu 20.04.1 x86_64 have a memory leak? – unix

Mon 15:23 Why would a plane fly in circles for 6-7 hours and then land? – aviation

Mon 15:23 Stranded in Ethereal Plane – rpg

Mon 15:23 At what point is the input data to glass cockpit PFDs converted to digital? – aviation

Mon 15:23 In general, do students like or dislike classes that are taught jointly? – academia

Mon 08:23 TV film or mini-series about an isolated matriarchal community, accessible via a wooden bridge – scifi

Mon 08:23 Dispelling Arcane Lock – rpg

Mon 08:23 How is Tsuyuri Kumin's name (五月七日くみん) read with 3 characters when it's made up of 4 kanji? – japanese

Mon 08:23 How should a project be structure to be able to use an AGPL license, but allow non-free extensions to it? – opensource

Mon 08:23 Handling luggage with a 23 hr layover between Montreal and Toronto then to USA – travel

Mon 08:23 Removing ivy from my external wall – gardening

Mon 08:23 How to make text vertical in a confusion matrix? – tex

Mon 08:23 How does one determine how a PC is going to die of old age(naturally)? – rpg

Mon 08:23 Is the "stupid" in "Keep it simple, stupid" a form of address or a second adjective that you should "keep it"? – english

Mon 08:23 Switchable option between 220/30A and 220/50A – diy

Mon 08:23 Novel about a microscopic civilization living inside the Sun – scifi

Mon 08:23 I'm a returning piano player, after 30 years – music

Mon 08:23 Spell at days to circumference globe (6) – puzzling

Mon 08:23 Sending paper to a journal while proposing its shortening right away – academia

Mon 08:23 American with visa entry to France. May he land in Belgium when coming to Europe for the first time? – travel

Mon 08:23 Is it safe to visually inspect evaporator coil myself? – diy

Mon 08:23 What are the effects of stopping mitosis? – worldbuilding

Mon 08:23 Citational nationalism: citing only groups within the same country – academia

Mon 08:23 Find Unique Anagrams – codegolf

Mon 08:23 Are there any fields of academic mathematics whose epistemic status as math is controversial within the academic community? –

Sun 20:23 cryptsetup: verification in luksOpen is non-deterministic when reading the password from a file – unix

Sun 20:23 Can English syntax alone tell apart a person's background? – linguistics

Sun 20:23 Intuitive way to understanding diffraction? – physics

Sun 20:23 A loop in which three indices are changed – mathematica

Sun 20:23 What was the earlier expose of racism that Twain wrote that was censored? – literature

Sun 20:23 Which wavelength is most likely to be emitted over the lifetime of a black hole by hawking radiation and which is most likely at any given time? – astronomy

Sun 20:23 Function which counts the letters, numbers, spaces, special chars in a given string – codereview

Sun 20:23 Can I publish my thesis content with a new affiliation although the work was mostly done in the previous institution? – academia

Sun 20:23 An open set containing a closed ball should contain an open ball between them – math

Sun 20:23 How many Ukrainian language schools were still open in Crimea in 2021 compared to 2013? – politics

Sun 20:23 What would happen to earth if atmospheric escape were completely stopped? – worldbuilding

Sun 15:23 Stretch accent over fraction – tex

Sun 15:23 Supercapacitor to prevent temporary power supply voids – electronics

Sun 15:23 Which IP address does a browser use if there’s more than one for the same URL? –

Sun 15:23 Vector addition for differentials in the context of electric potential – physics

Sun 15:23 Is it legal to drive in reverse on a non-divided road that has a speed limit of more than 80 km/h? – law

Sun 15:23 Which Windows apps use the "DNS client" service? –

Sun 15:23 Story about a paranoid patient in a mental hospital, who believes that his wife is conspiring with his doctor – scifi

Sun 15:23 How powerful must this e approximation be? – codegolf

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