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Wed 20:23 Bayes risk estimator under quartic loss – stats

Wed 20:23 What conditions must happen to end a cult of personality? – politics

Wed 20:23 (Safely) Making Rosewater for Cooking – cooking

Wed 20:23 Why do DC voltage sources appear as shorts in AC analysis or transfer function analysis? – electronics

Wed 20:23 Why does the bash shebang work, but the sh shebang doesn't, for a string substitution – unix

Wed 20:23 Accidentally not really side-stepped a recruiter – workplace

Wed 20:23 Square chunk my matrix – codegolf

Wed 15:23 Landscape lighting wire rough in for future, what wire, how deep? Other things to consider? – diy

Wed 15:23 Why is Python recursion so expensive and what can we do about it? –

Wed 15:23 CMD prompt window pops up and instantly disappears periodically –

Wed 15:23 Accidentally side-stepped a recruiter – workplace

Wed 15:23 Why don't the Earth's oceans generate a magnetic field? – physics

Wed 15:23 Trapezoidal Riemann Sum – codegolf

Wed 08:23 Is there anything that suggests that the concept of a "summer cat" is or has ever actually been a thing in Sweden or anywhere else? – pets

Wed 08:23 What's faster? Moving files from one drive to another, or moving files in the same drive? –

Wed 08:23 Why does the Minotaur I wear a yellow jacket that "banana-peels" off as it launches? – space

Wed 08:23 Why was `!` chosen for negation? – retrocomputing

Wed 08:23 Were propeller airplanes significantly more "scary" to fly in compared to modern jet ones? – aviation

Wed 08:23 What made Harry Potter yell, "You liar!" to Voldemort? – scifi

Wed 08:23 Nested CTEs Returning Incorrect Results in Certain Situations – dba

Wed 08:23 First-time teaching PhD students make course assignment way too demanding for a new lecture – academia

Wed 08:23 How to prevent the evolution of human flight? – worldbuilding

Wed 08:23 Binomial transform – codegolf

Wed 08:23 Please welcome Glorfindel to the MSE moderation team – meta

Tue 20:23 What is the Aasimar Trait? – rpg

Tue 20:23 What is the origin of the names of planets in Arabic? – history

Tue 20:23 Calculate the logon duration of a user in minutes from a file – unix

Tue 20:23 Looking For A Mistaken Identity Super Hero Book About A Woman Who Works Fast Food – scifi

Tue 20:23 Idiom/phrase for achieving just the tip of the iceberg – english

Tue 20:23 How should a creature-centric deck prepare for board wipes? – boardgames

Tue 20:23 How to parse a particular ids from a text file? – unix

Tue 20:23 Why is the European peace facility considered risky? – politics

Tue 20:23 What should I do when the course assignment is way too demanding? – academia

Tue 20:23 How can I solder or mount this potentiometer on a PCB? – electronics

Tue 20:23 CMD prompt window pops up and instantly disappears –

Tue 20:23 Consecutive Distance Rating – codegolf

Tue 15:23 Gaussian Integer a+2bi as sum of 3 squares –

Tue 15:23 What is this stainless-steel item's intended use? Is it a cheese grater? – cooking

Tue 15:23 How much warning will the Earth get if an asteroid that will hit earth "appears out of nowhere?" – worldbuilding

Tue 15:23 CMD prompt (little black dos window) pops up and instantly disappears –

Tue 15:23 If an astronaut threw a cup of coffee into space, would it freeze, or boil off into gas? – space

Tue 15:23 How to defend a kingdom without killing anyone – worldbuilding

Tue 15:23 Is there a faster route between Milton Keynes and Cambridge, England than taking a train via London? – travel

Tue 15:23 Mr. Binary Counterman – codegolf

Tue 08:23 High-Side NMOS for Buck Converter? – electronics

Tue 08:23 Is black hole pattern possible in Conway's Game of Life that eats/clears everything? – math

Tue 08:23 How do you refer to the judgment day of a single person? – ell

Tue 08:23 Making bold math symbols more bold – tex

Tue 08:23 Is denormalising a database for speed an anti-pattern? – softwareengineering

Tue 08:23 9-pin vs 10-pin serial port ribbon cables – retrocomputing

Tue 08:23 Where can I ask this question about CGI systems used in a certain movie? – meta

Tue 08:23 How can I show a friend of mine that his behavior is about to make me quit playing? – rpg

Tue 08:23 Why doesn't an electron rip itself apart? – physics

Tue 08:23 A Cat’s Game to Claim – codegolf

Tue 08:23 The best way to travel between Milton Keynes and Cambridge, England – travel

Tue 08:23 I feel like male professors don't feel comfortable taking me as a student. How should I address this problem? – academia

Tue 08:23 Is there a left-right connection? – codegolf

Tue 08:23 Quoting a book whose title contains a racial slur – academia

Mon 20:23 I'm seeing gyms in Pokémon Go with pokémon that have ridiculous CP numbers, and I have no clue what they are – gaming

Mon 20:23 Ship of Theseus in Halacha – judaism

Mon 20:23 False hrm results – bicycles

Mon 20:23 Why didn't Wanda keep a small Hex in the end? – scifi

Mon 20:23 M᠎ini​m​alis᠎m᠎ – puzzling

Mon 20:23 Heuristic lower bounds on small sums of roots of unity –

Mon 20:23 How was a government formed in Israel with only 60 supporting votes, rather than 61? – politics

Mon 20:23 The Passive Voice – german

Mon 20:23 Alignment issue in the "Top Questions" page – meta

Mon 20:23 Does the "Cantrip Formulas" optional Wizard feature allow a racial cantrip to be swapped for another? – rpg

Mon 20:23 How do I report a gain in bitcoin that I received as reimbursement for buying as waffle iron? – money

Mon 20:23 How to cut a UV sphere in half? – blender

Mon 20:23 How to use Python's Scipy, Numpy functions in Mathematica to find minimum of a function? – mathematica

Mon 20:23 Friend Needs Help in Turkey – travel

Mon 20:23 How to prevent a wake up conga line? – rpg

Mon 15:23 Is it possible to send money to my friend in the US using a wire transfer? – money

Mon 15:23 What kind of yeast is this? – cooking

Mon 15:23 Which is better large feature branches or merging frequently? Which is better small work items vs large work items? – pm

Mon 15:23 How to generate all possible functions combinations – mathematica

Mon 15:23 70s-80s novel about a naval fleet in a post-nuclear war world – scifi

Mon 15:23 What’s the difference between inflation and inflation tax? – money

Mon 15:23 Should Thank You Cards be Written After an Acceptance or After an Educational Experience's Conclusion? – academia

Mon 15:23 How long does the contact between a free-falling rigid sphere and the ground last in a perfectly elastic collision? – physics

Mon 15:23 Is it legal to put a death row inmate in harms way if their execution is near? – law

Mon 15:23 How can I get honest intent about future plans from employees? – workplace

Mon 15:23 Visualize a Risky program – codegolf

Mon 15:23 Requirements for creatures to wake others when put to sleep by magic – rpg

Mon 15:23 Can I pour concrete over a PVC sewer pipe without damaging it? – diy

Mon 15:23 Generalised multi-dimensional chess knight's moves – codegolf

Mon 08:23 English equivalent for the expression "only iron can cut iron" – ell

Mon 08:23 Borel equivariant homology of a suspension –

Mon 08:23 Working and doing an MSc in physics in Europe – academia

Mon 08:23 What is this radial-engined US Navy aircraft in Iceland? – aviation

Mon 08:23 Why aren't the pillars of Gringotts Bank straight? – scifi

Mon 08:23 Are mobile air conditioning systems an inherently flawed design? – diy

Mon 08:23 Where exactly are the Apollo space suit sublimators venting steam into space? is there a photo of an astronaut in space that shows the opening? – space

Mon 08:23 A meeting has 12 employees. Given that 8 of the employees are female, what is the probability that all employees are female? – stats

Mon 08:23 What would the wavelength of the Cosmic Background Gravitational Wave radiation be? – physics

Mon 08:23 How do I record zither, harp etc. with a pickup? – music

Mon 08:23 What's the best way to resolve a paradox created when a mage shapeshifted into a larger creature enters an antimagic field, but its true form doesn't? – rpg

Mon 08:23 B+W movie with men in togas and Roman style buildings and several shots of rockets fired out of huge vertical gun – scifi

Mon 08:23 Why does gay marriage support seem to be "inversely" racially polarized particularly comparing White and Black Americans? – politics

Mon 08:23 Found PVC sewer pipe while installing flag pole – diy

Sun 20:23 How to add a vertex at the center of a face? – blender

Sun 20:23 Why do relays, solenoids, and motors have a DC voltage across them if they're inductors? – electronics

Sun 20:23 Why does cooking fewer eggs require more water/steam? – cooking

Sun 20:23 Energy cut-off test meaning in atomic-like basis functions' DFT – mattermodeling

Sun 20:23 How realistic is it to pay for one's living and tuition with a student job? – academia

Sun 20:23 Invertibility of compact operator on infinite dimensional Hilbert space – math

Sun 20:23 How do electrical devices limit the current flow from a socket? – physics

Sun 20:23 How to draw porous particle? – blender

Sun 20:23 What is more efficient or recommended for reading output of a command into variables in Bash? – unix

Sun 20:23 When I walk down the stairs where does my potential energy go? – physics

Sun 15:23 How much ear training is required to identify chords and their progressions, without perfect pitch and reading any scores? – music

Sun 15:23 What does the recent sale of Stack Exchange mean for the community? – meta

Sun 15:23 How to get honest intent about future plans from employees? – workplace

Sun 15:23 How can I justify that dunes keep drifting and cannot be stabilised? – worldbuilding

Sun 15:23 Are wheelchairs allowed in US Wilderness Areas? – outdoors

Sun 15:23 Physical difference between moonlight and sunlight – physics

Sun 15:23 Should I use AC or DC between buildings? – electronics

Sun 15:23 Can a mosquito transmit radiation? – worldbuilding

Sun 15:23 Why is it not the norm to pay for travel expenses for academics moving to new jobs? – academia

Sun 08:23 How are constellations intact if the stars are rotating around galactic nuclei? – astronomy

Sun 08:23 Since photons are said to be the force carrier of electromagnetic force, does it mean that photons get transferred from golf club to golf ball? – physics

Sun 08:23 Story with three-eyed aliens who visit shortly before the Sun is going to go nova – scifi

Sun 08:23 I told a candidate that 'we loved him', was it so wrong – workplace

Sun 08:23 How can I pursue my intellectual ambitions in physics (specifically quantum foundations) without favorable conditions? – academia

Sun 08:23 Is there an example of a classic aviation engineering moment when engineers had to discard all their work due to the wrong approach? – aviation

Sun 08:23 A few questions on PIRs and other motion detectors – electronics

Sun 08:23 Are the Nine Hells separate planes or a single plane? – rpg

Sun 08:23 Would there be more decisive games if we began to see stalemates as checkmates? And hence more "interesting" chess? – chess

Sun 08:23 Two PhDs simultaneously possible? – academia

Sun 08:23 Gravity Shielding: How to defeat it? – worldbuilding

Sun 08:23 A line not intersecting points in the plane – puzzling

Sun 08:23 Fourier Transform of a short signal – physics

Sat 20:23 How would you translate “a day off”, or “a day without work”? – latin

Sat 20:23 Why we need at least 40 group to be properly clustered? – economics

Sat 20:23 How can I stop apt from installing snap packages? –

Sat 20:23 Do incomplete chords get roman numerals in harmonic analysis? – music

Sat 20:23 Carbon neutral data center? –

Sat 20:23 Does bitcoin mining take work? – physics

Sat 20:23 In a world where wood is scarce, what are the most important things you need wood for? – worldbuilding

Sat 20:23 Is it a valid Parker Square – codegolf

Sat 15:23 Can a singer sing a song from its notation if he/she has not heard the song before? – music

Sat 15:23 How do I extract the digits from a line and save it into a variable? – unix

Sat 15:23 Check whether an object is a reference image – blender

Sat 15:23 What is the meaning of Uma? – hinduism

Sat 15:23 Material vs positional advantage: does Stockfish give good advice? – chess

Sat 15:23 1990s movie. Aliens infiltrating earth. Protagonist tries to stop them – scifi

Sat 15:23 How do the inhabitants of my city-wide death trap figure out that nobody will be let out until only 100 people are left alive? – worldbuilding

Sat 08:23 What are some consequences of zero free strip of the Riemann zeta function? –

Sat 08:23 A small riddle, easy but distant – puzzling

Sat 08:23 How Does Current Flow in a Circuit with a Capacitor? – physics

Sat 08:23 How do you say “anyway” in Latin? – latin

Sat 08:23 While desalinating ocean water, would it be bad if if we didn't pump the brine back into the ocean? – earthscience

Sat 08:23 Combinatorial Pipes – codegolf

Sat 08:23 Am I overreacting to a new rule where I have to check-in my status every morning? – workplace

Sat 08:23 Does 'order' matter for authorship? – academia

Sat 08:23 Question regarding awk 'NF {p=1} p' – unix

Sat 08:23 Encode USB packets (part 2) – codegolf

Sat 08:23 Collatz's ice cream cone factory – codegolf

Fri 20:23 Is there a common pattern for storing many boolean flags other than adding a ton of columns? – dba

Fri 20:23 Is reincarnation inevitable? – philosophy

Fri 20:23 Modules over the integral dual Steenrod algebra as linear functors –

Fri 20:23 How can I create a futuristic transportation network that is scientifically probable? – worldbuilding

Fri 20:23 Why can't I update my Ubuntu from 18.04 to 20.04? –

Fri 20:23 Which flight maneuver is better for a takeoff emergency after lifts off, tear drop(180 turn) or 360 turn? – aviation

Fri 20:23 Are US colleges awarding more A-scores? – skeptics

Fri 20:23 What is a linear system? – physics

Fri 20:23 A huge asteroid is going to hit. How many people can the world put into (mostly) self-sufficient homes in 6 months time? – worldbuilding

Fri 20:23 Traffic Accident. Defending myself (Canada) – law

Fri 15:23 What is the major product in the reaction between 4-chloropentanal and lithium aluminium hydride? – chemistry

Fri 15:23 Why do escrow services use wire transfer? – money

Fri 15:23 Which utensil or device can be used to make spirals or conveyor screws with vegetables? – cooking

Fri 15:23 In Minecraft, how can you stop items from disappearing? – gaming

Fri 08:23 How do I address the power creep in my pod when I can't afford to keep up? (MTG) – boardgames

Fri 08:23 Photo Competition 2021-06-07: Long Exposure – photo

Fri 08:23 Groups which maintain all their subgroups’ automorphisms as inner automorphisms –

Fri 08:23 Can "engine" and "motor" be used interchangeably in spaceflight? Are there any cases where they can't be? – space

Fri 08:23 Restructuring JSON to create a new JSON where properties are grouped according to similar values – codereview

Fri 08:23 Can you identify this game? From 1991 or before – scifi

Fri 08:23 Why is angular momentum a vector? – physics

Fri 08:23 Remove All Smalltalk Comments for Code Golf – codegolf

Fri 08:23 Techniques for hiding dice rolls when an NPC/enemy has advantage/disadvantage – rpg

Fri 08:23 Generate this number table – codegolf

Fri 08:23 But, Is It Art? – codegolf

Thu 20:23 When a bomber releases a huge payload of bombs, why don't they collide with each other in mid air? – aviation

Thu 20:23 Sharing a research proposal when applying for funds – academia

Thu 20:23 "She need not worry" or "she needs to not worry"? – ell

Thu 20:23 Parallelogram law of vectors – physics

Thu 20:23 How can I move lots of objects on path and control it somehow? – blender

Thu 20:23 Why would one choose to sell stock back to a company? – money

Thu 20:23 Why put a resistor in series with the postive terminal in a non inverting op-amp circuit? – electronics

Thu 20:23 Why is there so much reluctance to make the COVID vaccine mandatory for adults? – politics

Thu 20:23 Is co-authoring with friends a good idea? – academia

Thu 20:23 Why don't demons possess children until after puberty? – worldbuilding

Thu 20:23 Decode USB packets – codegolf

Thu 15:23 Refueling a Mars mission on the way – space

Thu 15:23 What are the benefits of hand built wheels over automated ones? – bicycles

Thu 15:23 Can an American state ban a (minor) political party? – politics

Thu 15:23 Why are high power LEDs categorized by wattage, not voltage & amperage? – electronics

Thu 15:23 Is it suspicious that gravitational waves propagate at the speed of light? – astronomy

Thu 15:23 Did the Kohen Gadol minister barefoot? – judaism

Thu 15:23 How does black proceed in the below position? – chess

Thu 15:23 Ignored and watched tags seem broken – meta

Thu 15:23 What is "Horse and Pony II", created by the Battlefield devs (Refraction Games)? – gaming

Thu 15:23 Why do CMOS NOT gate designs differ from BJT NOT gate designs? – electronics

Thu 15:23 Can a Rogue find an undetectable Trap? – rpg

Thu 15:23 Being forced to take annual leave against my wishes, what are my options – workplace

Thu 15:23 How can I limit (but not outright ban) exotic races? – rpg

Thu 08:23 What are the DM's responsibilities when dealing with a character's death? – rpg

Thu 08:23 How well would Max Faget's April 1, 1969 design for the Space Shuttle have actually worked? What would have been the major problems? – space

Thu 08:23 Revisiting the unreasonable effectiveness of mathematics –

Thu 08:23 A '50s Yeti movie which has a scene with two men sitting around a fire in a cave – scifi

Thu 08:23 What's the definition of an artifact in regards to a Sphere of Annihilation? – rpg

Thu 08:23 Traditionally , is prosciutto never to be cooked? – cooking

Thu 08:23 Is there objective proof that recent bills (1st half of 2021) that restrict voting are targeting Democratic voters specifically? – politics

Thu 08:23 Showing the bounding box for every coordinate system in QGIS – gis

Thu 08:23 Sum of set bits from 1 to n – codegolf

Thu 08:23 How to limit (but not outright ban) exotic races? – rpg

Thu 08:23 Do the murder statistics of 5 cities bring the USA to the 3rd highest country, from 189th? – skeptics

Wed 20:23 Is cohomology always related to topology? –

Wed 20:23 What can US senators do against diversity trainings in the US Army? – politics

Wed 20:23 How to get real-looking rust that will be safe to the touch? – rpg

Wed 20:23 What are minimal changes to make a truncated pyramid shaped megabuildings a thing? – worldbuilding

Wed 20:23 Interview by fellow PhD students, not the professor himself – academia

Wed 20:23 Why would they use human soldiers over undead ones? – worldbuilding

Wed 15:23 Dsus4 In A major – music

Wed 15:23 How to indicate a checkbox/toggle is "always on" – ux

Wed 15:23 output entries that have highest score – unix

Wed 15:23 Is it illegal to implement a patented algorithm or method and take advantage from it? – law

Wed 15:23 In the sentence "Ich begegnete einem alten Freund in Berlin", why the dative einem instead of the accusative einen? – german

Wed 15:23 Why is Ken's beer "gay"? – movies

Wed 15:23 Is there a canonical source for the Arcane Trickster's magic? – rpg

Wed 15:23 How to remove the new weather info from the taskbar? –

Wed 15:23 Why was the neutrino thought to be massless? – physics

Wed 15:23 Dealing with extremely inexperienced developers who have daily deadlines? – workplace

Wed 15:23 Why some CRS are deprecated in QGIS? – gis

Wed 15:23 Interviewer was two hours late – workplace

Wed 08:23 Where I am wrong? – mathematica

Wed 08:23 Why did this gallon of milk stay fresh for so long? – cooking

Wed 08:23 Could a spaceship be efficient enough to be invisible without breaking physics? – worldbuilding

Wed 08:23 Is it a coincidence that on the far side of the moon almost no seas are visible? – astronomy

Wed 08:23 Is Huang Yanling (a Wuhan virology researcher) the world's first COVID-19 patient? – skeptics

Wed 08:23 Is it a good idea to go to Japan without a travel guide? – travel

Wed 08:23 Help me understand how the stock price works – money

Wed 08:23 Does machine learning really need data-efficient algorithms? – stats

Wed 08:23 A manga about a girl and a boy who must hold hands, or die – scifi

Wed 08:23 Is LUKS still an effective option for consumer FDE considering Elcomsoft can break it? – security

Wed 08:23 Are there any greater risks of traveling significantly faster to another planet? – space

Wed 08:23 Why was neutrino thought to be massless? – physics

Wed 08:23 What would a bear species isolated on an island look like? – worldbuilding

Wed 08:23 Why aren't resistors being used here? – electronics

Wed 08:23 Simplify K combinatory logic expression – codegolf

Wed 08:23 Why would a modern city with a warm climate have a skyway system? – worldbuilding

Tue 20:23 Alien Instrument produces "visual music", which a Human can temporarily experience – scifi

Tue 20:23 Simplest/cheapest way to build a tensegrity model? – bricks

Tue 20:23 One word synonym for "without permission" – english

Tue 20:23 Is maximum speed a thing? – music

Tue 20:23 Are AP slugs for shotguns possible? – worldbuilding

Tue 15:23 Has physics ever given a physical significance to a mathematically abstract idea – hsm

Tue 15:23 Can't locate ISO for Lubuntu 20.04.1 –

Tue 15:23 Mean difference calculator for any int combination – codereview

Tue 15:23 Is there a *fundamental* reason for the exponential dependence of the evolution of the temperature in an electronic deviced that is powered in? – physics

Tue 15:23 How to use file in the look as a input/output file in awk? – unix

Tue 15:23 Ave for plural addresssee? – latin

Tue 15:23 Are there any rules for digging out of a grave? – rpg

Tue 15:23 How to make a ColorRamp repeat like a Texture node? – blender

Tue 15:23 Why did old IBM-PC-compatible computers only have 16 colors available? – retrocomputing

Tue 15:23 How was it calculated that Dream cheated on his Minecraft v1.16 glitchless speedrun? – gaming

Tue 15:23 What is the hardest part of transitioning from a PhD to a full-time career in academia? – academia

Tue 08:23 Telling a Coworker they aren't invited into my house – workplace

Tue 08:23 What do you call the yellow and black conductors in domestic telephone wire? – electronics

Tue 08:23 Mark Joshi's book - quant interview questions – quant

Tue 08:23 Can I gain AC efficiency by spraying condensate water on the outdoor coils? – diy

Tue 08:23 Why are SSH MITM tools able to read and modify data? – security

Tue 08:23 How to insert a line between consecutive duplicate lines? – unix

Tue 08:23 Is it a good idea to go with no travel guide to Japan? – travel

Tue 08:23 How realistic is the 1 kg/km² solar sail in "Death's End"? – space

Tue 08:23 could we evolve to become mermaids – worldbuilding

Tue 08:23 "key will unlock the door" vs "key will *open* the door, but not unlock" – diy

Tue 08:23 Why are most COB LEDs physically yellow? – electronics

Tue 08:23 How did the mods calculate if Dream cheated on his Minecraft v1.16 glitchless speedrun? – gaming

Tue 08:23 Are there credible technical basis for reports of “Apple deliberately slows down older devices when new software is released”? – apple

Tue 08:23 I'm Lazy: Close my Superparens – codegolf

Tue 08:23 Former coworker I gave a reference for sabotaged the company on his last day - Should I update the reference contact with this new information? – workplace

Tue 08:23 Is buying lecture notes wrong? – academia

Tue 08:23 Evaluation order of an APL n-train – codegolf

Mon 20:23 Can someone else copyright for themselves already copyrighted things? – opensource

Mon 20:23 Minimize window keyboard shortcut... impossible? –

Mon 20:23 Can a company ask for or force you to return you bonus? – workplace

Mon 20:23 Are the present and future imperative used together? – latin

Mon 20:23 How to make predictions with non-parametric regression? – stats

Mon 20:23 Bass sine wave on an acoustic instrument – music

Mon 20:23 My boss suspects I'm about to resign. How do I turn a counter offer extended to me last week? – workplace

Mon 20:23 Can I use a rectangular ceramic pan instead of enameled cast iron to bake bread without losing the nice crust? – cooking

Mon 20:23 What is the right tool for old, rusty, flat cross head bolts? – diy

Mon 20:23 Pipe globs to ls – unix

Mon 20:23 When performing a group check, is it better to have an even number of creatures? – rpg

Mon 15:23 Find intersection points between ParametricRegion and other curves – mathematica

Mon 15:23 Underestimation of standard error – stats

Mon 15:23 What happens if I bring 100+ of the same item in my luggage with the intention of selling? – travel

Mon 15:23 How can we trust in 2140 supply wont be increased by just a few lines of code? – bitcoin

Mon 15:23 Can a country require all of its foreign diplomats to get vaccinated? – politics

Mon 15:23 Oscillating orbit: how to produce one in the real world? – worldbuilding

Mon 15:23 Would you tell your boss that you are thinking of leaving over a lack of seniors at the company? How honest are 1 on 1s supposed to be? – workplace

Mon 15:23 Bread pan materials – cooking

Mon 15:23 How important is "MIPS-C2® Brain Protection System" for a bicycle helmet? – bicycles

Mon 15:23 Should I notify a med school about their student's cheating history? – academia

Mon 08:23 Term for "place of death" – english

Mon 08:23 What can be done as a grant applicant if a criticism from a referee is scientifically wrong? – academia

Mon 08:23 Why did old computers only have 16 colors available? – retrocomputing

Mon 08:23 Mandatory tabs-an unusual pattern? – ux

Mon 08:23 How could Kosh get poisoned in The Gathering? – scifi

Mon 08:23 Three quotes, thirteen anagrams – puzzling

Mon 08:23 What should be the income to list on a credit card application? – money

Mon 08:23 Could cars drive normally on the inside of an o'neil cylinder? – worldbuilding

Mon 08:23 Join a number of lines with a starting and ending pattern – unix

Mon 08:23 Should a sneaking group use group checks? – rpg

Mon 08:23 Does gravity bend gravity? – physics

Mon 08:23 How to approach an academic journal – academia

Mon 08:23 Physically what is happening when there is a square wave input on the left plate of capacitor and open circuit on right plate of capacitor – electronics

Mon 08:23 Extracting work from people who are on PIPs but who we also cannot fire? – workplace

Mon 08:23 Underwater Cuneiform? – worldbuilding

Mon 08:23 Can bots which require moderator privileges operate on SE? – meta

Sun 20:23 Person above my manager offers only a tiny pay rise after manager says 'My work is fantastic for last 6 months' – workplace

Sun 20:23 Stop MacOS from reusing finder windows – apple

Sun 20:23 My "Fairy Weave" is a transparent/translucent material with high tensile strength and elasticity. What should it be made out of exactly? – worldbuilding

Sun 20:23 What is information? – philosophy

Sun 20:23 Using OLS estimators in Binary models – stats

Sun 20:23 Which of Blind Sight vs Blind Sense is better? – rpg

Sun 20:23 What is "liberalism" in the USA political discourse? – politics

Sun 15:23 Why were writing systems invented independently during roughly the same period across multiple civilizations? – linguistics

Sun 15:23 Sketch effect logo in adobe illustrator – graphicdesign

Sun 15:23 Print a portion of a lines in a text file between predefined tags – unix

Sun 15:23 Are the properties of anti-hydrogen opposite to those of hydrogen? – physics

Sun 15:23 What controls hold-down clamp release: rocket... or ground control? – space

Sun 15:23 Book Identification: Only Remember Concept of Book Art – scifi

Sun 15:23 When sending email to potential PhD supervisors, Is it recommendable to attach a precis of their papers? – academia

Sun 15:23 Which software is used to write scientific textbooks, especially in engineering? – academia

Sun 15:23 Is this FEN board a Fischer random chess starting board? – codegolf

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