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Tue 20:23 Is bioluminescence metabolically expensive? – worldbuilding

Tue 20:23 Gas range clicks but does not ignite – diy

Tue 20:23 Why do I hear higher harmonics, when the strings aren't free to vibrate? – music

Tue 20:23 Points to path does not group points to lines in QGIS – gis

Tue 20:23 Extreme drops in hard disk performance –

Tue 20:23 Are there any problems using continue or break? – softwareengineering

Tue 20:23 Interviewee missed appointment – workplace

Tue 20:23 What constitutes humor on this "i before e" coffee mug text? – english

Tue 20:23 Toilet bolt broke free from floor...recommendations? – diy

Tue 20:23 PSE Advent Calendar 2021 (Day 7): Don't forget the lyrics! – puzzling

Tue 20:23 Why does a Boeing 747-8 take more runway length to take off, compared to an Airbus A380? – aviation

Tue 15:23 Why is this airport SUV following a commercial jet that just landed on the runway? – aviation

Tue 15:23 How to make whiped cream just like in an canister? – cooking

Tue 15:23 Examples of locally compact groups that do not admit enough finite dimensional representations –

Tue 15:23 Are ILS approaches taught as part of instrument rating? – aviation

Tue 15:23 Can all 64 squares be attacked or defended by the eight pieces? – chess

Tue 15:23 A fantasy novel under London – scifi

Tue 08:23 Barring asteroid impacts, disease, natural disaster, war — Why would the S&P 500 crash to 700 before 2023, and remain under 700 until 2030? – worldbuilding

Tue 08:23 Why do we say "How much XP" and not "How many XP"? – ell

Tue 08:23 How to self teach mathematics? – academia

Tue 08:23 What to do if I want to ask a more specific version of an earlier question on a Stack Exchange site? – meta

Tue 08:23 Can all 64 squares be attacked or defended by the eight major pieces? – chess

Tue 08:23 Gas range clicks but not ignites – diy

Tue 08:23 Does GDPR apply if my web app stores personal data on the user's phone only? – law

Tue 08:23 Is it appropriate to ask about the number of applicants to a position? – academia

Tue 08:23 How long will my microwave run for? – codegolf

Tue 08:23 Can I convert a 1x9 speed bicycle to single speed by putting 9 identical cogs into cassette? – bicycles

Tue 08:23 Finding category with maximum likelihood method – stats

Tue 08:23 Source of the quote "I will blurb your book, or I will read it, but not both" – scifi

Tue 08:23 Connecting dots in ListPlot3D in specific ways – mathematica

Tue 08:23 AoCG2021 Day 7: Bathroom security goes wild – codegolf

Tue 08:23 For spells that last several rounds, do I roll the dice once and keep the same damage every time, or do I roll the dice again each time? – rpg

Tue 08:23 What teeniest lone change would have actualized transcontinental High Speed Rail in the USA? – worldbuilding

Tue 08:23 Sum powers to n – codegolf

Tue 08:23 Why are all trajectories in space a conic sections? – space

Mon 20:23 Kalman Filter on Sinusoidal Signal – dsp

Mon 20:23 NPN transistor resistor from base to GND is this useful – electronics

Mon 20:23 How many questions do blade runners usually ask during a Voight-Kampff test? – scifi

Mon 20:23 Simulate weathering of a rock – codegolf

Mon 20:23 Is there a reason the service entrance wires are not attached to these lugs? – diy

Mon 20:23 Beginner issue with getting a Driver to refer to "self" so I can link it to many objects – blender

Mon 20:23 Where does the energy from combustion come from? – chemistry

Mon 20:23 Controlling Relay using ESP8266 Module – electronics

Mon 20:23 How to stop space pirates from stealing goods using a teleporter, without breaking the bank? – worldbuilding

Mon 20:23 why do I hear higher harmonics on a digital piano, when the strings aren't free to vibrate? – music

Mon 20:23 How many physical CPUs does my machine have? –

Mon 15:23 Is it normal in the UK that postdoc contract mentions I will have to work extra hours (if asked) without further remuneration? – academia

Mon 15:23 How is momentum conserved in diffraction? – physics

Mon 15:23 Do we distinguish two singular simplices if they have different vertex orders? – math

Mon 15:23 Sync Sims 4 saves across multiple computers? – gaming

Mon 15:23 I am looking for a word to describe a person or entity who is permitted by society to do bad/greedy things because they have been charitable – english

Mon 15:23 and fixed himself a cup of coffee = fixing himself a cup of coffee? – ell

Mon 15:23 Voight-Kampff test - how many questions do Blade runners usually ask? – scifi

Mon 15:23 Does the Chromatic Draconic Spirit from the spell "Summon Draconic Spirit" get resistance to Acid, Cold, Fire, Lightning and Poison or is it a choice? – rpg

Mon 15:23 How does this WhatsApp scam work? – money

Mon 15:23 When and how did the Han ethnic group become by far the biggest ethnic group in China? – history

Mon 15:23 A short story about a shipwreck in space – scifi

Mon 15:23 Man playing computer in chess. Uses a book-opening with known typo to win one, uses deep lookahead for #2 – scifi

Mon 15:23 How would you have answered Richard Feynman's challenge? –

Mon 08:23 Simple Calculator Python – codereview

Mon 08:23 How can I memoize the result of o[i] and at the same time force u to be incremented whenever o[i] is called? – mathematica

Mon 08:23 find - Globbing with disjunction – unix

Mon 08:23 What is the point of introducing puzzles into tomb design if you don't want anyone to disturb whatever hidden? – worldbuilding

Mon 08:23 How common were (are?) hydraulically driven fuel pumps? – aviation

Mon 08:23 How do I get a Hero Forge model using a wheelchair? – rpg

Mon 08:23 Looking for a word that describes a text as ‘having too much useless information’ – english

Mon 08:23 Unemployment in a magical world – worldbuilding

Mon 08:23 Must a university refund you for tutorials that were cancelled because the tutor was on strike? – academia

Mon 08:23 Help me find the title of a sci-fi apocalyptic movie following a brother-sister duo, but the sister is different somehow – scifi

Mon 08:23 BJT astable multivibrator frequency increasing with voltage – electronics

Mon 08:23 The missing square – puzzling

Mon 08:23 Peer-reviewing with dyslexia? – academia

Mon 08:23 Latex overlapping horizontal curly braces – tex

Mon 08:23 How could Wolfram Research increase Wolfram Language adoption? – mathematica

Mon 08:23 Weighted Clothes In A Low Gravity Environment – worldbuilding

Mon 08:23 Are some protons more massive than others due to spinning at a different rate or being in a more excited state? – physics

Mon 08:23 Write a number in overflowed binary – codegolf

Mon 08:23 AoCG2021 Day 6: Taxicab in a triangular city – codegolf

Mon 08:23 How would you have answered to Richard Feynman's challenge? –

Sun 20:23 YVR Long Connection: Go to the city – travel

Sun 20:23 Does capacitance between two point charges lead to a paradox? – physics

Sun 20:23 Any way to create custom terminal keywords? – apple

Sun 20:23 Is it normal in uk that postdoc contract mentions I will have to work extra hours (if asked )without further remuneration? – academia

Sun 20:23 Will I encounter a *third* screw that is tightened by turning counterclockwise? – bicycles

Sun 20:23 What are the consequences of getting a positive drug result when your bags are swabbed at the airport? – travel

Sun 20:23 Moebius function of finite abelian groups –

Sun 20:23 How useful are university teaching certifications in faculty hiring? – academia

Sun 20:23 How to stop space pirates from stealing goods using teleporter without breaking the bank? – worldbuilding

Sun 20:23 Get parametervalues from ParametricPlot? – mathematica

Sun 20:23 White light should be black? – physics

Sun 15:23 Verbs like 'break' with two different past participle forms that act as adjective – english

Sun 15:23 How to explain the differences in Matthew 19:16-17 translations? – hermeneutics

Sun 15:23 Has any country/region other than Malaysia declared public holidays for sporting wins? – politics

Sun 15:23 Scale down verbatim environment even further – tex

Sun 15:23 An overcomplicated Boat Puzzle – puzzling

Sun 15:23 What song is Obediah playing on the piano? – scifi

Sun 15:23 What are the tax implications of being paid for work in company shares? – money

Sun 15:23 Can someone tell me what's wrong with this nested IF? – mathematica

Sun 08:23 PSE Advent Calendar 2021 (Day 4): Decorating with Ingrid Deduction – puzzling

Sun 08:23 Creating place names from Latin verbs? – latin

Sun 08:23 Why isn't the CMB blurred by the blackbodies emitted in the time after atoms first formed? – astronomy

Sun 08:23 How did Rhodey survive? – scifi

Sun 08:23 Can I get help troubleshooting a simple hobby electronics circuit? Multimeter not measuring current drawn – electronics

Sun 08:23 How to use/be an airborne relay – aviation

Sun 08:23 How to fill the first region enclose by a self-intersection parametric curve – mathematica

Sun 08:23 Is Gandalf really on 'du' terms with the Balrog? (Odd 'duzen' example) – german

Sun 08:23 3.5" Hard Drives with 'bumps' on the side. Is this normal? –

Sun 08:23 Self-Referential Crossword – puzzling

Sun 08:23 How do I justify the existence of a gynoid army? – worldbuilding

Sun 08:23 Why does a body accelerate when there is force applied on it? – physics

Sun 08:23 What are the counter-intuitive surprises an amateur bike mechanic encounters, after pedals and cables? – bicycles

Sun 08:23 Why is every place in the Wheel-of-Time TV series a mixture of races? – scifi

Sun 08:23 How many times can I cast a cantrip through the All-Purpose Tool? – rpg

Sun 08:23 AoCG2021 Day 5: Balancing sleigh with lots of trunks – codegolf

Sat 20:23 Shorten Excel "IF" formula? –

Sat 20:23 How can I make a really gingery cookie? – cooking

Sat 20:23 What is the correct way to draw NFA of RE (a|b|c)? – cs

Sat 20:23 Draw a 2d graph using slashes – codereview

Sat 20:23 Is acceleration absolute and if so, how can we measure it? – physics

Sat 20:23 Could "E7(♯9)" be plausibly called "Em7(♭11)" or "Em7(add ♭11)" as well? – music

Sat 20:23 Why is trying to get "vaccinated" into a fake arm considered fraud (in Italy)? – law

Sat 20:23 How would you discover Stokes's theorem? – math

Sat 20:23 Is there less noise in an E-MOSFET than in a D-MOSFET and if so, why? – electronics

Sat 20:23 Can you create an implant that detects a person's thoughts and feelings? – worldbuilding

Sat 15:23 How strong was Darth Vader? – scifi

Sat 15:23 Algebraic atlas on smooth manifolds –

Sat 15:23 Trying to fit a circle. Data have weights – mathematica

Sat 15:23 Are there countries where being non-vaccinated disqualifies you from "standard" health insurance coverage (for that particular disease)? – politics

Sat 15:23 Is Galdalf really on 'du' terms with the Balrog? (Odd 'duzen' example) – german

Sat 15:23 Short story about what Earth looks like when people all disappear? – scifi

Sat 15:23 Explaining a "Great Circle Route" to young Civil Air Patrol cadets – aviation

Sat 15:23 What is the earliest story to deal with clones? – scifi

Sat 08:23 Why are O-antigens and H-antigens on (certain) bacteria called O and H? – biology

Sat 08:23 All wires in thermostat junction box have high voltage – diy

Sat 08:23 Could Short-Range Fighters Realistically Return? – worldbuilding

Sat 08:23 Colouring 3D columns defined by a piecewise function – mathematica

Sat 08:23 'We Americans like baseball' or 'Us Americans...'? – ell

Sat 08:23 What would be the most likely compositions of the red and blue moons to so almost uniformly reflect their colours? – worldbuilding

Sat 08:23 LTspice diode bridge rectifier output oscillating – electronics

Sat 08:23 How to Add PopupMenu in manipulate? – mathematica

Sat 08:23 Can an Artificer, proficient in Mason's Tools, use Fabricate to reconstruct the statue of a petrified person which has been broken or shattered? – rpg

Sat 08:23 What does it mean for a statistical test to be "robust"? – stats

Sat 08:23 Naming students one has supervised in a CV – academia

Sat 08:23 Engineer asks for a title change and raise with a change of responsibilities – workplace

Sat 08:23 Why are eclipses of the James Webb by the Earth or Moon not permitted during the mission? – space

Sat 08:23 AoCG2021 Day 4: Infinite Elves and infinite houses 2 – codegolf

Fri 20:23 Columnstore: terrible execution plan - filter instead of seek – dba

Fri 20:23 LM386 amplifier circuit – electronics

Fri 20:23 What would be a realistic length of minimal compulsory military service for a modern country's occupants? – worldbuilding

Fri 20:23 I am a creature from the ancient world – puzzling

Fri 20:23 Does the COVID vaccine contain Graphene Hydroxide nano razor blades? – skeptics

Fri 15:23 How much of Twister is true? – movies

Fri 15:23 Why does my dd Full Disk Copy Keep failing at 8 GB? – unix

Fri 15:23 How does NASA figure out orbital period and mass data for planets and other celestial bodies? – astronomy

Fri 15:23 Giving high level estimates to client without commiting to numbers – pm

Fri 15:23 Photograph allegedly from Barcelona in 1987 – travel

Fri 15:23 Meaning of "Overdispersion" in Statistics – stats

Fri 15:23 How is "Dogs dogs fight fight" grammatical? – english

Fri 15:23 What is the point of introducing puzzle into tomb design if you don't want anyone to disturb whatever hidden? – worldbuilding

Fri 08:23 A rectangle cut into two pieces, which build a square – puzzling

Fri 08:23 How can the UK government fine itself? – law

Fri 08:23 Interview task: Find a potential customer who is interested in a product – workplace

Fri 08:23 Real life examples of negative weight edges in graphs – cs

Fri 08:23 Can a supersized collection of tethered large space structures exist? – worldbuilding

Fri 08:23 Why did I fail this puzzle? – chess

Fri 08:23 If you answer your own question will you be credited once or twice for the "people reached" statistics in your profile? – meta

Fri 08:23 Why use random characters in passwords? – security

Fri 08:23 "Ribbon arrows" in Graphics3D – mathematica

Fri 08:23 Naming students in a CV – academia

Fri 08:23 Batman villain- child or teenage crime boss – scifi

Fri 08:23 lilypond - how to hide an accidental – music

Fri 08:23 Are these the basis vectors? – codegolf

Fri 08:23 Total cost of The 12 Days of Christmas – codegolf

Fri 08:23 AoCG2021 Day 3: Say-Look-Say – codegolf

Thu 20:23 Explain in layperson's terms why predictive models aren't causally interpretable – stats

Thu 20:23 What is the reason for moving the start button to the center in Windows 11? – ux

Thu 20:23 Is it possible to make a vaccine against cancer? – biology

Thu 20:23 How to compute RandomReal faster? – mathematica

Thu 20:23 When running a bigger wire to deal with voltage drop on a 240V circuit, do I now need to run a neutral as well? – diy

Thu 20:23 How to design an EMI Filter for AC/DC PSU – electronics

Thu 15:23 How can I avoid overusing "I" and "I'm" in a first person short story? – writing

Thu 15:23 Has JMS ever detailed the origin of the name or term “Babylon 5” used in his works? – scifi

Thu 15:23 What is the record word size for a gaming system? – gaming

Thu 15:23 Why use of random characters in passwords? – security

Thu 15:23 Why can't mma be drawn in continuous form with the Fibonacci number general formula? – mathematica

Thu 15:23 Have one in four American women had an abortion? – skeptics

Thu 08:23 RMSE or MAPE? which one to choose for accuracy? – stats

Thu 08:23 DensityPlot3D with clear division negative/positive value but also value dependent – mathematica

Thu 08:23 How to get 24V from this transformer – diy

Thu 08:23 Carrying 30 ebook readers in hand luggage – travel

Thu 08:23 Password security - use of random characters – security

Thu 08:23 How can Io be tidally heated while it is in tidal lock? – astronomy

Thu 08:23 How to pilot flying animals? – worldbuilding

Thu 08:23 The source of the Integral –

Thu 08:23 PSE Advent Calendar 2021 (Day 1): La laa laaaaaa laa la Christmas – puzzling

Thu 08:23 What are some political subsets of the EU? – politics

Thu 08:23 Is propensity evidence ever allowed as circumstantial evidence? – law

Thu 08:23 Should bugs found by exploratory test methods be taken against QA? – sqa

Thu 08:23 What magic items would best make a (corrupt) city guard competitive with Paragon tier heroes? – rpg

Thu 08:23 I am invited to a conference as a plenary speaker, who pays the expenses? – academia

Thu 08:23 Randomly capitalize half of a string – codegolf

Thu 08:23 AoCG2021 Day 2: Naughty or nice? – codegolf

Wed 20:23 How did the 6502 designers intend for the indirect addressing modes to be used? – retrocomputing

Wed 20:23 Why would it be drier indoors during the winter vs the summer? – earthscience

Wed 20:23 Where can I eat medieval food? – travel

Wed 20:23 Do spike-protein-based vaccines undermine the DNA repair system? – biology

Wed 20:23 Do air particles "fly"? If not, how do they stay afloat? – physics

Wed 20:23 What good reason for a full metal humanoid robot with powerful hydraulic legs need to sit on chair? – worldbuilding

Wed 20:23 Expected number of compositions needed to get constant function –

Wed 20:23 Legal requirement to publish land sale prices? – law

Wed 20:23 What's the most fun way to make a Snowman in Blender? [winter challenge] ❄︎❄︎❄︎ – blender

Wed 15:23 What are the advantages of keeping the identity of a second secret? – chess

Wed 15:23 Is there an AI that can build decks? – boardgames

Wed 15:23 Why have I had to replace so many exhaust pipes? – mechanics

Wed 15:23 How do OS installers work? –

Wed 15:23 How to shorten the python code? – codegolf

Wed 15:23 What is going on in and below a yellow or blue gas flame? – chemistry

Wed 15:23 Could an electromagnet be used to raise the apogee of a satellite orbiting Earth? – space

Wed 15:23 Are there infinitely many unique prime numbers? – math

Wed 15:23 Where on Stack Exchange should I ask whether the streets in Ireland in 1955 were "end-on to hills" more often than those in England? – meta

Wed 08:23 Why is film still used in aerial imaging applications? – photo

Wed 08:23 Why can the UK's Competition and Markets Authority tell Facebook to sell Giphy? – law

Wed 08:23 Is it ethical to convince someone to get vaccinated? – philosophy

Wed 08:23 Ways to send data with CRC validation – electronics

Wed 08:23 Lowest tech level for a civilization to widely produce fake meat – worldbuilding

Wed 08:23 Valueing Coding over Physics, how to address this in applications? – academia

Wed 08:23 Why do I get through so many exhaust pipes? – mechanics

Wed 08:23 How does an Otyugh move? – rpg

Wed 08:23 How are paths of particles tracked in particle accelerators? – physics

Wed 08:23 How to detect power cut remotely? – diy

Wed 08:23 What story has an alien symbiote bond with a human in a cave? – scifi

Wed 08:23 Arcing the center dots between factors to show repeated multiplication – tex

Wed 08:23 Can the 6502 clock be changed on the fly? – retrocomputing

Wed 08:23 Shouldn't space junk fall back to Earth on its own? How long will take for a ~1 cm piece of junk in LEO to fall back to Earth on its own for example? – space

Wed 08:23 Are database unique indexes a mask on bad scripting? – softwareengineering

Wed 08:23 AoCG2021 Day 1: Automated delivery frenzy – codegolf

Tue 20:23 Why does 'find' command on Alpine seem to require escaping '?' but not on Ubuntu? – unix

Tue 20:23 Array of Object to the single Object – salesforce

Tue 20:23 Which components can be labelled as "BD" on a printed circuit board? – electronics

Tue 20:23 Copy content between floppy disks on Apple II – retrocomputing

Tue 20:23 Would it be possible to put wind turbines alongside runways that are driven by the exhaust of planes? – aviation

Tue 20:23 Wrong inaugural move in game 2 of Carlsen - Nepomniachtchi – chess

Tue 20:23 Instance on Points Geometry Node to skip every other instance + offset – blender

Tue 20:23 Should feature announcements be closed after the initial feedback period is over? – meta

Tue 20:23 How to translate “Wir müssen wissen, wir werden wissen.” into Latin? – latin

Tue 20:23 All distances different on a chessboard – codegolf

Tue 20:23 What is the simplest way to invert a signal with just one jumper? – electronics

Tue 20:23 How do I email other students in my online classes, to make friends, without appearing creepy? – academia

Tue 15:23 Padding in tabular caused by \left – tex

Tue 15:23 What size are these mosaics of Justinian and Theodora? – history

Tue 15:23 Photo Competition 2021-11-29: Sliver – photo

Tue 15:23 Can/should I change GFI outlet to standard outlet – diy

Tue 15:23 Question on the ethics of vaccinations – philosophy

Tue 15:23 Meaning of 'white mask on my otherwise tan face' – literature

Tue 15:23 What is the noun to express the state of a simple person? – ell

Tue 15:23 Regression Models when the Covariates have many Zeros – stats

Tue 15:23 How best could our society explore dungeons? – worldbuilding

Tue 15:23 strcat_new() function, not present in standard C library – codereview

Tue 15:23 Airflow too strong in one of the registers – diy

Tue 15:23 Does the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine (or any known vaccine) increase infection rates? – skeptics

Tue 08:23 Should I be able to read/interact with a deleted post? – meta

Tue 08:23 Can Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle be used to prove the electron can't exist in nucleus in this way? – physics

Tue 08:23 Can a vaccine increase infectivity? – skeptics

Tue 08:23 Why did cracks form over the rebar grid in my concrete footings? – diy

Tue 08:23 What happens to parasitic capacitance and inductance in a superconductor? – electronics

Tue 08:23 How to create variable distance buffers around polygons in Python – gis

Tue 08:23 Alternative proof for soundness and completeness of standard semantics for conjunction-only fragment of classical propositional calculus – math

Tue 08:23 Book or story where humans are genetically engineered to act as AI? – scifi

Tue 08:23 What is the difference between /lib and /usr/lib and var/lib? – unix

Tue 08:23 What is the difference between a waiting move and zugzwang? – chess

Tue 08:23 How often do I need to hand out spell scrolls as the DM in order to balance the Wizard's spell list with the Cleric's? – rpg

Tue 08:23 What does it mean for Bill Gates to have an income of $0 dollars? What word would have been more appropriate than "income" is? – money

Tue 08:23 Why is snow white? – physics

Tue 08:23 Name of a live-action Saturday morning show from the '70s, involving bigfoot/caveman? – scifi

Tue 08:23 How to explain a complete graph K5 is non planar without Kuratowski theorem. – math

Tue 08:23 Split list by sequential entries – mathematica

Tue 08:23 Why was Pepsi free in 1985? – movies

Tue 08:23 How did the classic Macintosh come to use Eurocard connectors? – retrocomputing

Mon 20:23 Will there be a winter bash 2021 this year? – meta

Mon 20:23 Does submitting sitemap.xml once change the way the site's new pages will be crawled/discovered in the future? – webmasters

Mon 20:23 How to deal with a PhD supervisor that acts like a company manager? – academia

Mon 20:23 Image larger then text with twoside book class – tex

Mon 20:23 How can I filter out spells that use attack roll on D&D Beyond? – rpg

Mon 20:23 The origin of the "cable length - data rate" graph in the RS-485 – electronics

Mon 20:23 Mental Time Travel Short Story Policeman tags along and becomes a rockstar – scifi

Mon 20:23 Rsync folders with names that begin with a single and/or double-dash – unix

Mon 20:23 Did the WHO deliberately skip the letters Xi and Nu when naming the latest COVID-19 variant Omicron? – skeptics

Mon 20:23 Apply Plus as a new head to a list but prevent evaluation – mathematica

Mon 20:23 How to animate CNC cable track? – blender

Mon 20:23 Between you and me – puzzling

Mon 20:23 What size are the mosaics of Justinian and Theodora? – history

Mon 20:23 Are there countries where politicians and senior government officials can be forced to be personally invested in their official decisions? – politics

Mon 20:23 Is it a good idea to respond at all if a person I never heard of is asking for a reference letter? – academia

Mon 20:23 Without Haste, what Efficiency level does a Pickaxe need to insta-mine Stone? – gaming

Mon 20:23 Why doesn't common investment advice include the idea of pulling out of the market during downturns? – money

Mon 15:23 Is it true that Reckless Attack renders AC boosts less effective? – rpg

Mon 15:23 Table entry not centered – tex

Mon 15:23 MOT work (is this vehicle in need of welding?) – mechanics

Mon 15:23 Drive side part of bottom bracket is impossible to remove – bicycles

Mon 15:23 Can a non-spell-casting character determine if an item is magical? – rpg

Mon 15:23 Would authors be too powerful for your typical medieval fantasy setting? – worldbuilding

Mon 15:23 What to look for in a first telescope for a child? – astronomy

Mon 15:23 Chameleon 8x8 Tour – puzzling

Mon 15:23 Dynamic range for sampled piano – music

Mon 15:23 Simulating solar system with Newtons law – physics

Mon 15:23 Plot solutions to a trigonometric equation on the unit circle – mathematica

Mon 15:23 Worst case of Slowsort – codegolf

Mon 08:23 Modular Transformation in TikZ – tex

Mon 08:23 What condition could cause chronically reddened sclera? – worldbuilding

Mon 08:23 Solving for a unique set of solutions – mathematica

Mon 08:23 What will happen if all games are draws for a World Chess Championship? – chess

Mon 08:23 What are some good strategies to test a floating point arithmetic implementation for double numbers? – scicomp

Mon 08:23 Tips for golfing in TypeScript's type system – codegolf

Mon 08:23 Can I pour a concrete foundation in multiple pieces? – diy

Mon 08:23 How to get the result of TrigFactor in terms of Cos – mathematica

Mon 08:23 Are there countries where politicians and senior government officials are forced to have skin in the game? – politics

Mon 08:23 In calculus, how should I interpret the -1 superscript in trigonometric functions? – math

Mon 08:23 What kind of altimeter are used in modern airliners? – aviation

Mon 08:23 Distribution of the exponential of an exponentially distributed random variable? – stats

Mon 08:23 Is there a reason for >3k users to "Submit for review"? – meta

Mon 08:23 Towel Racks are typically 24" but the Studs are typically 16" O.C – diy

Mon 08:23 Can a non-spell-casting player determine if an item is magical? – rpg

Mon 08:23 Multiple staccato dots on minim with tremolo repeat in Lilypond – music

Mon 08:23 Am I an author if I am included as "Consortia" / "Group Author" for a research paper? – academia

Mon 08:23 Can a US physician prescribe meds to non-US residents? – travel

Mon 08:23 Novel about a Promiscuity Virus – scifi

Sun 20:23 How can I modulate the distance of a tritone using 3 secondary dominant chords? – music

Sun 20:23 Why aren't leg amputations usually done right at the knee-joint? (turkey-leg style) – medicalsciences

Sun 20:23 How annoying are mouse clicks on an air plane – travel

Sun 20:23 Can the gravitational redshift of our sun be measured? – astronomy

Sun 20:23 Is this the sound of a free hub gone bad? – bicycles

Sun 20:23 Is the hierarchy of relative geometric constructibility by straightedge and compass a dense order? –

Sun 20:23 "Too early to say" in Latin – latin

Sun 20:23 Resignation from a postdoc without appropriate notice period (UK) – academia

Sun 20:23 Which op-amp parameter indicates the minimum amplificable voltage? – electronics

Sun 20:23 Can a giant mountain be used as a wind shield? – worldbuilding

Sun 20:23 The character table of the symmetric group modulo m –

Sun 15:23 Could someone explain what is wrong with my telescope, and what should I be able to see with it? – astronomy

Sun 15:23 How to deal with a PhD supervisor that act like a company manager? – academia

Sun 15:23 Powering a RPI board with a 22V battery pack – electronics

Sun 15:23 What is the meaning behind "calcostegis" from the Appendix Probi? – latin

Sun 15:23 Proof that for 2n nodes of +1 and -1 position doesn't count – cs

Sun 15:23 Bolt size for Sora BL-3500 flat bar brake lever – bicycles

Sun 15:23 Suggestions on laptops for matter modeling – mattermodeling

Sun 15:23 Why does the Greek word ἐντρέπω (entrepo) appear to have nearly opposite meanings? – hermeneutics

Sun 15:23 Can an airline forcibly remove a senior citizen who is wearing a soiled adult diaper? – law

Sun 15:23 1st Law of Thermodynamics in a Filament – physics

Sun 15:23 Dissolve polygons contained within the same larger polygon – gis

Sun 15:23 How to properly align matrices with an overbrace? – tex

Sun 15:23 The grass is greener on the other side (it's a matter of perspective) – puzzling

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