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Mon 08:23 When do we need 1500 mA current to drive LEDs? – electronics

Mon 08:23 What do "PKE valences" and "bury the needle" mean? – movies

Mon 08:23 Short story where the twin who stays behind becomes immortal, outlives the travelling twin – scifi

Mon 08:23 If dropout is going to remove neurons, why are those neurons built? – stats

Mon 08:23 Why, since Earth is in free fall towards Sun, are tides affected by Sun's gravity? Why aren't the oceans "weightless" like astronauts? – astronomy

Mon 08:23 What originally spins the intake fan when the engine is started? – aviation

Mon 08:23 How do I acknowledge an equipment malfunction in a manuscript I'm submitting to a journal? – academia

Mon 08:23 Fix broken links to Virtual Laboratories in Probability and Statistics – meta

Mon 08:23 How to get a user's password in PostgreSQL? – dba

Mon 08:23 Why isn't the free expansion of a gas in an adiabatic container isoentropic? – physics

Mon 08:23 What mysterious Flemish peasant activity is depicted in this painting? – history

Mon 08:23 Where under the Discworld are the four elephants located? – scifi

Mon 08:23 How should I email quite a few professors for PhD positions while also not 'mass emailing'? – academia

Mon 08:23 If Earth's atmosphere is technically violet but our eyes can't see it, is there a possible variable that can let us perceive that? – worldbuilding

Mon 08:23 How should a traveller report that his/her (reserved) accommodation is refused by the proprietor on – travel

Mon 08:23 Has NATO threatened to nuke Russia? – politics

Mon 08:23 What is the difference between something being "true" and 'true with probability 1"? – stats

Mon 08:23 Generate a Tiefling's Traits – codegolf

Mon 08:23 Can I Heal for The Damage I Deal? – rpg

Mon 08:23 Do rings of smooth functions differ from rings of continuous functions? –

Mon 08:23 Repeat Values In Array – codegolf

Sun 20:23 Advantage of "LOAD DATA ... REPLACE INTO TABLE" over "UPDATE table_name SET" – dba

Sun 20:23 Continuity of the location – stats

Sun 20:23 Low temperature behavior for ferromagnets: theoretical and experimental discrepancies – physics

Sun 20:23 Membrane protein diffusion in different confinement models – codereview

Sun 20:23 I got a USPS insurance check today for a package I got yesterday – money

Sun 20:23 Old Maid Card Game Probability Question – math

Sun 20:23 Whitney embedding theorem for Hölder manifolds –

Sun 20:23 Does revocation of U.S. passport imply revocation of U.S. citizenship? – law

Sun 20:23 Short vs long i in inest vs īnsunt – latin

Sun 20:23 Why does math need to be practiced and exercised, when L1 Linguistic Competence is subconscious? – matheducators

Sun 15:23 Why is 吏 (lì) pronounced differently to 史 (shǐ) and 使 (shǐ)? – chinese

Sun 15:23 Did the temporary asteroid name DA₄₂ arise naturally and fortuitously (as a precursor to a Douglas Adams namesake)? Or did someone help it along? – astronomy

Sun 15:23 Evaluating an integral symbolically seems impossible – mathematica

Sun 15:23 Why are the red/white control surfaces under the wing extended during a take off? – aviation

Sun 15:23 Yerushalmi Horoyos in Shas Vilna – judaism

Sun 15:23 Vowels and consecutive consonants – puzzling

Sun 15:23 How to solve this quadratic system of equations? – math

Sun 15:23 How to rewrite a Homebrew feat that interacts with Two-Weapon Fighting? – rpg

Sun 15:23 Anyone up for decompiling some 8080 code for Kaleidoscope? – retrocomputing

Sun 15:23 Is there a good single word for "creating something by accident"? – english

Sun 15:23 What do you call a 'quick' marriage? – ell

Sun 15:23 Dissociative identity disorder and Coventry – scifi

Sun 15:23 How are HiFi DACs constructed? – electronics

Sun 15:23 Could we explain the disadvantage of imbalanced data mathematically? – stats

Sun 08:23 How to make Linux generate different MAC addresses for different bridge devices which are on different PCs? – unix

Sun 08:23 What does 'ever-voracious' mean? – ell

Sun 08:23 What is that blue round thing below the resistor? – electronics

Sun 08:23 What was a plausible timetable for a train journey across Europe in 1870? – history

Sun 08:23 If a bard has two instruments can they cast regularly still? – rpg

Sun 08:23 What kind of tactical situation/s would be best approached with trained jetpack pilots? – worldbuilding

Sun 08:23 Remove conjugates from a list – mathematica

Sun 08:23 Why does the order of the nested loops matter when solving the Coin Change problem? – cs

Sun 08:23 Could a merchant city survive not having an military? – worldbuilding

Sun 08:23 How to prototype complex microprocessor circuits without a development board? – electronics

Sun 08:23 I'm a British citizen and ESTA keeps not authorizing me to travel to the United States – travel

Sun 08:23 What do American chefs mean by "Red pepper flakes"? – cooking

Sun 08:23 How to email quite a few professors for PhD positions while also not 'mass emailing'? – academia

Sun 08:23 What is the origin of the "self-destruct sequence" – scifi

Sat 20:23 Why air pressure is raised twice in air cycle machines? – aviation

Sat 20:23 Can a decision to prosecute be judicially appealed? – law

Sat 20:23 the correct way to deal with spaces in a pattern for grep – unix

Sat 20:23 Why does x ray diffraction take place in crystals as it seems to violate the law of conservation of energy? – physics

Sat 20:23 What are the leading journals in mathematics education? – matheducators

Sat 20:23 At what level does the Sleep spell stop being effective? – rpg

Sat 20:23 There are 10 types 0f pe0ple 1n the w0rld – puzzling

Sat 20:23 Identify a short story about a wall at the edge of the universe – scifi

Sat 20:23 How to write Odia in LaTeX? – tex

Sat 15:23 What's the most common language shared by those who don't speak Common? – rpg

Sat 15:23 What do you call a guess that is not based on knowledge or experience? – ell

Sat 15:23 echo Bash's interpretation of a file path having special characters –

Sat 15:23 How to play Son of Ether without turning it into a comic relief? – rpg

Sat 15:23 What exactly do the standard conjectures in characteristic zero refer to? –

Sat 15:23 How often does a Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) work out well – workplace

Sat 15:23 Use 12 unit length matchsticks to enclose a region whose area is 4 square units – puzzling

Sat 08:23 What does "Except" mean in this ATC request? – aviation

Sat 08:23 If I weigh 150 pounds on earth, does the earth weigh 150 pounds on me? – physics

Sat 08:23 In C++, is it valid to treat scalar members of a struct as if they comprised an array? –

Sat 08:23 Typical agendas for meetings among PhD candidates – academia

Sat 08:23 How can I bring cable into a junction box with no knockouts? – diy

Sat 08:23 Is there such a thing as a "positive" antonym to catastrophe? – english

Sat 08:23 3HP vacuum but 1,200 watt rating – electronics

Sat 08:23 Buy house now, refinance later – money

Sat 08:23 55 mins OSL-AMS-UK enough? – travel

Sat 08:23 My poster didn't win the "best poster award", is it desperate to ask the committee about an evaluation of my poster quality? – academia

Sat 08:23 How to Thread lists elementwise with the If function? – mathematica

Sat 08:23 I accidentally inserted RAM while pc was booting up! Worst case scenario? –

Sat 08:23 How to "mix" the elements of two lists? – mathematica

Sat 08:23 Hexadecimal -> Binary Art – codegolf

Fri 20:23 Why didn't Mother accept the deactivation of the Nostromo autodestruction procedure? – scifi

Fri 20:23 Find the Two Sentences – puzzling

Fri 20:23 sys.dm_exec_describe_first_result_set returns wrong data type – dba

Fri 20:23 How to effectively deal with advanced "remote control" tactics in dungeons? – rpg

Fri 20:23 The space before \DeclareMathOperator'ed operator – tex

Fri 20:23 What are the use cases for the earth ground terminals in a bench power supply? – electronics

Fri 20:23 Are there textbooks on differential geometry in the language of smooth sets or smooth derived stacks? –

Fri 20:23 How to simplify expression through variable substitution – mathematica

Fri 20:23 How might derelict space ships/stations be only partially salvageable? – worldbuilding

Fri 20:23 How often does a PIP work out well – workplace

Fri 15:23 Is password-unmasking worth the potential security downside? – ux

Fri 15:23 Python tool to organize downloaded media files – codereview

Fri 15:23 Regex to delete all leading blank lines – vi

Fri 15:23 Should "among" in John 1:14 really be translated "within"? – hermeneutics

Fri 15:23 Site recommendation questions and offsite alternatives - could we set some boundaries for sites outside the network? – meta

Fri 15:23 Why is Ezri's mother confused about her daughter using the symbiote's name? – scifi

Fri 15:23 Is quantum teleportation fully secure (in principle)? – quantumcomputing

Fri 15:23 Why is Germany subsidizing the cost of electricity for everyone rather than the poorest households? – politics

Fri 15:23 Why do we observe particles, not quantum fields? – physics

Fri 08:23 TC962 Voltage Doubler - Why the slightly lower output? – electronics

Fri 08:23 How to convert a Markdown file into a Mathematica notebook – mathematica

Fri 08:23 ESTA application question: Have you ever been issued a passport or national identity card for travel by any other country? – travel

Fri 08:23 How to print the content from a text file with one blank line after each line? –

Fri 08:23 Simulated data for logistic regression – stats

Fri 08:23 Why do turbo props have there engine controls like condition levers next to each other when other planes have them mixed up? – aviation

Fri 08:23 Why do chess puzzles need a unique solution? – chess

Fri 08:23 Can I cast Uro, Titan of Nature's Wrath for free with Aluren if I'm casting it from my graveyard using it's Escape ability? – boardgames

Fri 08:23 Am I supposed to buy insurance when renting apartments in the US? – money

Fri 08:23 Holy Water Elemental? – rpg

Fri 08:23 How can I disable `v` keybinding in less? – unix

Fri 08:23 How can forces be added? – physics

Fri 08:23 What does "not available" mean in Google Scholar for Public Access, why is it an issue, and how to resolve it? – academia

Fri 08:23 How could politicians protect themselves from hypnosis? – worldbuilding

Fri 08:23 Count Futoshiki row solutions – codegolf

Fri 08:23 Do Starship's grocery delivering robots consume only as much energy as boiling water for a cup of tea per trip? – skeptics

Fri 08:23 Would a charmed creature be considered Surprised when attacked? – rpg

Fri 08:23 Do/did mechanical hard drives constantly spin the discs? – retrocomputing

Fri 08:23 How can a species be fine with digesting poisons and toxins? – worldbuilding

Thu 20:23 Ivdu es Hashem beSimcha in practice – judaism

Thu 20:23 Is a Co signer on a leased vehicle responsible for damages? – money

Thu 20:23 Why is my DC-DC buck converter consuming 8mA of current with no load connected? – electronics

Thu 20:23 Python (S)ARIMA models completely wrong – datascience

Thu 20:23 Does Auril retain effects or conditions when changing form? – rpg

Thu 20:23 using st_collect vs st_union to calculate centroids – gis

Thu 20:23 MS SQL Server DB Transaction Log Growth Rate – dba

Thu 20:23 Is it possible for a fairly large community to remain hidden in Scandinavia until the start of the 20th century? – worldbuilding

Thu 20:23 Can a diatonic melody in one key sound like it is in another key? – music

Thu 20:23 Is there any monster with statblock changes during an encounter? – rpg

Thu 15:23 Questions about Moon Phases in Fantasy World – worldbuilding

Thu 15:23 Unarmed strike with brass knuckles, gauntlets, or bare fists – rpg

Thu 15:23 Recipient claims cashier's check won't clear – money

Thu 15:23 How to rename multiple files with the time created? – unix

Thu 15:23 When to put a dry cloth over an electric rice cooker? – cooking

Thu 15:23 Did the ringwraiths develop a better sense of smell and if so, why? – scifi

Thu 15:23 MOSFET keeps blowing out – electronics

Thu 15:23 100 times Faster HDD speeds. Is this real? Does Primocache application really work? –

Thu 15:23 Discovering groupings of descriptive tags from media – stats

Thu 15:23 Ethernet connection between rooms doesn't work: LEDs 2, 3 and 4 don't blink on cable tester – diy

Thu 08:23 Will it give a negative impression if a professor mentions that he declined a gift card from me in his reference letter? – academia

Thu 08:23 Wordle-like colored letter boxes in latex – tex

Thu 08:23 Find The Real Solutions of a Cubic – codegolf

Thu 08:23 Animating the hole in a boolean object – blender

Thu 08:23 Converting Open-Drain to Active-Low – electronics

Thu 08:23 7 or 8 speed cassette? – bicycles

Thu 08:23 Academic Interview UK – academia

Thu 08:23 Virtualbox boots shows "Try ubuntu" even after installing Ubuntu –

Thu 08:23 Are there spells which cause hidden creatures to make a sound? – rpg

Thu 08:23 Does the human voice qualify as noise? – music

Thu 08:23 Is light flickering only on camera is bad? – diy

Thu 08:23 How do I unlock a Mathematica Notebook? – mathematica

Thu 08:23 Do I need to present a GDPR banner to IP addresses outside of GDPR regions? – law

Thu 08:23 is "p" ever used to abbreviate pi in formulas? – electronics

Thu 08:23 Why is Diamond Crystal most usually recommended for kosher salt? – cooking

Thu 08:23 Cut along the lines – codegolf

Wed 20:23 Can someone explain why sterling-dollar parity is bad? – economics

Wed 20:23 What are the three or four holes on the back of a 3.5inch floppy disk indicating and used for? – retrocomputing

Wed 20:23 For linear regression, why do people usually standardize the X variables and log transform Y variables to make them normally distributed? – stats

Wed 20:23 What is the largest aircraft ever successfully flown and landed with no pilot on board? – aviation

Wed 20:23 Are academic groups allowed to use grant funds to hedge against exchange rate changes? – academia

Wed 20:23 Is there a faster way to solve the following problem? – cs

Wed 20:23 Are the Quotations in a Book of Quotations Copyrighted? – law

Wed 20:23 Why doesn't the NMOS 6502 have the illegal instruction, STA immediate? – retrocomputing

Wed 20:23 Why is Germany still opposed to nuclear power despite the energy crisis? – politics

Wed 15:23 Are there any international laws governing the change of country of a region? – law

Wed 15:23 How to rename a file that contains spaces in terminal? – apple

Wed 15:23 Reasons to distrust Let's Encrypt certificates – security

Wed 15:23 Can I run three 3/0 and a #1 235 feet through 2" conduit? – diy

Wed 15:23 Hydroponically growing animal feed in a space ship – worldbuilding

Wed 15:23 First salary no taxes – money

Wed 15:23 In Early Modern English, are there examples of the "a- + gerund" progressive construction where the gerund begins with a vowel? – english

Wed 15:23 Did Henry Kissinger call Bangladesh a bottomless basket? – skeptics

Wed 15:23 Assign value from boolean comparison to a variable – unix

Wed 15:23 A man drives the last gas guzzler car. . . .But has a secret – scifi

Wed 08:23 Reasons to untrust Let's Encrypt certificates – security

Wed 08:23 Mapping Diagram with Parallelograms – tex

Wed 08:23 Slovakia has been the first state to have not affirmed joining NATO of Sweden and Finland with magnitudinal majority — why? – politics

Wed 08:23 Countering Free-Electron Lidar? – worldbuilding

Wed 08:23 Ripple voltage filtering capacitor – electronics

Wed 08:23 Tutorial request on implementing HiGHS solver – or

Wed 08:23 Can this type of function be plotted faster using NDSolve instead of NIntegrate? – mathematica

Wed 08:23 Why doesn't R use Inverse Transform Sampling to sample from the Exponential Distribution? – stats

Wed 08:23 What happened to old postmortems on – meta

Wed 08:23 When Artemis runs out of rollbacks – space

Wed 08:23 Display Long Trigonometric Identity Manipulation – tex

Wed 08:23 It's Just Rocket Science – codegolf

Wed 08:23 My government (China) cancelled my passport. I'm in Malaysia, what can I do? – travel

Wed 08:23 Create a nibble shorthand – codegolf

Wed 08:23 Is James Earl Jones the actor who has played the same sci-fi character for the longest time? – scifi

Tue 20:23 Is Wheelock's Latin comprehensive? – latin

Tue 20:23 How to indicate to the user that they haven't completed a prerequesite? – ux

Tue 20:23 Why does Windows 10 list "Windows_NT" as OS? –

Tue 20:23 Why doesn't the bypass capacitor cause phase shift in this oscillator circuit? – electronics

Tue 20:23 Is my homebrew Hiccupera spell any good? – rpg

Tue 20:23 Are academic groups allowed to use grant funds to hedge against forex changes? – academia

Tue 20:23 Is James Earl Jones the actor who has played the same sci-if character for the longest time? – scifi

Tue 15:23 Can I bring frozen baked Jamaican Patties into the Netherlands? – travel

Tue 15:23 It comprises that which composes it – puzzling

Tue 15:23 Is there a reason why Clementi didn't suggest a change of finger for repeating notes? (Sonatina Op. 36 No. 2) – music

Tue 15:23 Why did the EU not let developing countries outside the EU to import fertilizers from Russia? – politics

Tue 15:23 ROT13 encryption using array indexing – codereview

Tue 15:23 How to patch underwater power line – diy

Tue 15:23 AIC for nested models: is the AIC of a smaller model A always smaller than that of the nesting model B? – stats

Tue 15:23 Trying to identify a novella by Poul Anderson – scifi

Tue 15:23 How to tell when it's time to give up on tires? – bicycles

Tue 15:23 What makes a game unmoddable? – gaming

Tue 15:23 Can I work remotely for a non-Singapore employer while visiting Singapore? – travel

Tue 15:23 Why can't you say "A doll was made me by my sister"? – ell

Tue 15:23 Does the Wizard's Spell Mastery spells need to be prepared as a Wizard or can they be "known"? – rpg

Tue 08:23 Sum of an arbitrary number of random variables – mathematica

Tue 08:23 Purpose of capacitor connected across AC input in a smart bulb? – electronics

Tue 08:23 Found a mistake in a published paper at IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics – academia

Tue 08:23 Length of a product of conjugates of an element in a free group –

Tue 08:23 Drawing a loop with two different line types using TikZ-Feynman – tex

Tue 08:23 Co-worker always asks me to do small things when they aren't my responsibility – workplace

Tue 08:23 What is the process by which humanity gains its prescience-immunity in the Dune series? – scifi

Tue 08:23 Is there any known thing or physical object that absolutely cannot be destroyed? – physics

Tue 08:23 Living room breaker will not turn on after pressure wash – diy

Tue 08:23 How to politely ask a professor if you can work under them as a contingency plan? – academia

Tue 08:23 Why does Scarecrow in The Wizard Of Oz get the Pythagorean Theorem wrong? – movies

Tue 08:23 Converting 24 VAC to 5 VDC with small output current – electronics

Tue 08:23 What is the largest aircraft ever flown with no pilot on board? – aviation

Tue 08:23 Should practice be shared with the general public for the sake of sharing – music

Tue 08:23 Align equations in table – tex

Tue 08:23 var() is not equal to sd()^2 in R – stats

Tue 08:23 Could a pine forest with year-round snowfall survive? – worldbuilding

Mon 20:23 Valid Inequality Example (Wolsey Example 9.3) – or

Mon 20:23 Is the title and royal seal of a monarch modified if the Queen has the same name as her predecessing king? – politics

Mon 20:23 What is this called and what causes it? Bright highlights along contrasting edges – photo

Mon 20:23 Why does "graphic" mean violent or gory? – ell

Mon 20:23 Can I bring my dog to on-campus graduate housing? – academia

Mon 20:23 Changing a teflon tube inside a hotend, help with disassembly – 3dprinting

Mon 20:23 Join with comma separated values in SQL without direct relation between tables – dba

Mon 20:23 How to dispose large amount of wet sugar? – cooking

Mon 20:23 Easy and cheap way to sink more than 5 A from a power supply – electronics

Mon 20:23 find the partition and block device for a filesystem *without* string manipulation – unix

Mon 20:23 Is James Earl Jones the actor who has played the same character for the longest time? – scifi

Mon 15:23 Issues with FindRoot. Getting error: FindRoot::eqlist: In the first argument {True,z1==0} only some of the components are equations – mathematica

Mon 15:23 Do stocks made with less water lack the same flavor as a stock made with lots of water? – cooking

Mon 15:23 Question about the definition of a homomorphism – math

Mon 15:23 Power drain meaning – electronics

Mon 15:23 How important is to have many gears on a e-bike? – bicycles

Mon 15:23 How to get the Lilim to breed true? – worldbuilding

Mon 15:23 How do non-English speakers navigate through JFK airport? – travel

Mon 15:23 Is this a breathable atmosphere for human-like aliens that have more efficient oxygen-carrying blood? Normal humans would require a gas mask (oxygen) – worldbuilding

Mon 15:23 Counterexample that the arbitrary union of compact sets is compact – math

Mon 15:23 Why do car blinkers flash at twice the speed when a blinker light has burned out – electronics

Mon 15:23 How to make a NPC intimidating the party more effective? – rpg

Mon 08:23 Photodetector for short laser pulse – electronics

Mon 08:23 Can my 10 year ban be overridden by my new Canadian citizenship? – travel

Mon 08:23 What's the use case of disabling an index? – dba

Mon 08:23 Python decibel meter-accurate? – codereview

Mon 08:23 How do prescription creature contact lenses prevent an actor from falling on the ground while running? – movies

Mon 08:23 Solving a 5x5 pentomino with only certain shapes – puzzling

Mon 08:23 1987 Home Build: Multiple 14ga Switch Loops on 20 AMP Circuit – diy

Mon 08:23 Can the princess escape using shoddy craftsmanship in a one-sided lock? – worldbuilding

Mon 08:23 Why is t-test more appropriate than z-test for non-normal data? – stats

Mon 08:23 How can we source potassium fluoride outside of Earth? – space

Mon 08:23 Can I bring my dog in to the campus? – academia

Mon 08:23 Torch-like permutation for arrays? – mathematica

Mon 08:23 What is the smell after quartz is rubbed together? – physics

Mon 08:23 Homotopy type of Diff(ℝP³) –

Mon 08:23 Is DNDBeyond correct on the ranger bonus? – rpg

Mon 08:23 Bitbucket: HTTP/2 stream 5 was not closed cleanly before end of the underlying stream –

Mon 08:23 Do characters have to wait 24 hours to long rest, if a long rest is interrupted? – rpg

Sun 20:23 Are Gmail, Facebook and WhatsApp still accessible in Macau, and in Hong Kong in 2022? – travel

Sun 20:23 Spectrum of the complex harmonic oscilllator –

Sun 20:23 Is there an explanation for action-reaction law? – physics

Sun 20:23 Is it possible to see if a post has been linked somewhere? – meta

Sun 20:23 Can I add thick cream to whipping cream to increase fat content and make the whipped cream more stable? – cooking

Sun 20:23 Emailing coworker during bereavement time – workplace

Sun 20:23 Dimension too large for a simple 3D picture – tex

Sun 20:23 Is the fake ice cream on top of an ice cream truck called an "ice cream figure"? – ell

Sun 20:23 Construct a meaningful phrase – puzzling

Sun 20:23 Can stem+そう mean hearsay? – japanese

Sun 20:23 What is this component? White SMD part marked "W" – electronics

Sun 20:23 What video game is being played in Spiderhead (2022)? – gaming

Sun 20:23 Can prisoners of war be exchanged against their will? – law

Sun 20:23 In what situations could "dirty water leak into" municipal water pipes besides a catastrophic loss of pressure? – diy

Sun 20:23 What does "they could use you for seed" mean in The Marvelous Land of Oz? – scifi

Sun 20:23 What is stronger: an ability that can be used proficiency bonus times, or one that can be used once per short rest? – rpg

Sun 15:23 What are the blue "stars"? – astronomy

Sun 15:23 How to know "which" da- word to use? What gives away the specific preposition without literal context? – german

Sun 15:23 Looking for a short story that was written about a future where most people live in perpetual adolescence except one person who reaches maturity – scifi

Sun 15:23 Is there a strong correlation between credit score and mortgage rate in the US? – money

Sun 15:23 RegionIntersection for CountryData polygons – mathematica

Sun 15:23 If both houses together are called Congress, why does Congressman refer to members of the House of Representatives? – politics

Sun 15:23 How do I tape plastic to ceramic tiles? – diy

Sun 15:23 The relation between s and jω – electronics

Sun 15:23 Is naturalism falsifiable? – philosophy

Sun 15:23 Does the key a piece is written in affect playability for piano? – music

Sun 15:23 At what point did computing go from mainly performance- and functionality-oriented to security-oriented? Why? – retrocomputing

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